Learning Technologies UK & Online

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Type: Conference

Place: London, UK


  • 31.01.2024

Join the Learning Technologies, Europe’s premier showcase of organizational learning and the cutting-edge technology driving workplace learning. With over 10,000 attendees from 50 countries, 200 thought-provoking seminars, and 200 international exhibitors, this event grows in importance, value, and attendance year after year.

Conference Themes

1. Tools and Technologies: Explore how to create a robust learning ecosystem for global enterprises and discern which tools are game-changers and which are mere hype. We’ve got you covered, from strategy to implementation.
2. AI, Data, and Analytics: Demonstrating impact is crucial for L&D. Dive into understanding, interpreting, and reporting data that aligns with business objectives, moving beyond mere activity metrics.
3. Content Design: Discover the art of designing content that inspires, is accessible, and genuinely facilitates learning. Explore the evolution of content design in today’s learning landscape.
4. Programme Implementation: Learn from real-world case studies and valuable insights. Avoid common pitfalls and navigate your way to successful program implementation.
5. Learning Engagement: A learning program is only as effective as its engagement. Explore strategies to encourage people to start and sustain their engagement, ensuring the program’s impact.
6. Talent and Learning: As the nature of work evolves, explore how to develop a sophisticated L&D function that collaborates closely with talent management to deliver maximum value.
7. Future L&D: In times of change, define your learning strategy and reshape your L&D department. Gain insights into setting long-term strategies amidst evolving landscapes.
8. Professional Development: Discover the key skills and attitudes essential for success in today’s dynamic world. Learn how to accelerate your career and maintain curiosity in demanding times.