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Type: Conference

Place: Austin, TX, USA


  • 28.03.2024

SaaSOpen 2024 is the premier event for SaaS founders looking for real insights and actionable strategies. This unique conference features top leaders across various domains including Sales, Product, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and HR. With a focus on authenticity and evidence, each speaker will share screenshot proof to validate their insights and strategies.

Why Attend?
Diverse Expertise: Learn from 110+ operating SaaS leaders including Founders, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CPOs.
No Boring Keynotes: Experience engaging and informative sessions with founders sharing real war stories and evidence-backed strategies.
Fast-Paced Keynotes: Discover tactics and strategies in dynamic 20-minute keynotes presented in TedX and interview styles, including live Q/A.
Mastery Workshops: Participate in intimate 10-person roundtables to teach and learn directly from fellow founders.
Sharktank for SaaS Live: Witness live deal-making with founders and investors on stage.
Networking Opportunities: Host or join mini-events like dinners, breakfasts, or morning runs, fostering deeper connections.

Who Should Attend?
This event is tailored for SaaS founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, if you’re seeking practical, evidence-based insights and strategies to grow your SaaS business, this is the place to be.