Surf & Sales X

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Type: Conference

Place: Playa Grande, Costa Rica


  • 27.11.2023

The Surf & Sales Summit was born out of the belief that bigger isn’t always better. Many have used this opportunity to take significant leaps in their careers, confront challenges that held them back, and forge connections that transcend business. The Surf & Sales Summit has evolved from an event into a tight-knit community, offering a supportive and safe environment for personal and professional growth.

What’s Included:

– All-encompassing sales trainings and leadership workshops
– Daily surf instruction and guided surf excursions
– 1-on-1 coaching, including a follow-up session after the event
– Deluxe beach-front lodging
– Chef-prepared healthful meals, drinks, and snacks
– Private ground transportation to/from the airport

The Surf & Sales Summit is for anyone looking to elevate their sales or leadership game, forge lasting relationships with successful leaders in the industry, or simply carve out the time and space for deep reflection on their work. Whether you hold a position as a VP, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, founder/CEO, or board member—or if you have a keen interest in sales—Surf & Sales is your opportunity.

Become a part of the Surf & Sales community and embrace a journey of transformation, learning, and growth.