CloudShare provides comprehensive Virtual Labs that instantly expand your performance potential – whether for Training, Sales, Support or DevOps.

Containerization just got easier

There’s nowhere better to test and deliver application components than in the cloud, where you get additional disk space that doesn’t clog up your developer machine. CloudShare makes it remarkably fast and easy to get your container hosts running.

There’s no need to containerize your whole application at once since we support hybrid configurations.

Innovation and efficiency is in the details

  • Ready-made Docker templates get your container hosts running in the cloud with minimal steps.
  • Cost-saving resource management features including auto-suspend make sure you don’t end up paying for inactive machines.
  • Prebuilt Docker-Machine driver integrates Docker-machine with CloudShare, providing everything needed to run Docker commands on CloudShare hosts.
  • Prebuilt Jenkins plug-in lets you easily configure Jenkins to continuously build and test Docker containers on CloudShare hosts.
  • APIs let you automate CloudShare provisioning for any containerized CI flow.

Standbys that predict your needs

We’ve solved one of the toughest Virtual Lab challenges: how to ensure that you have the ideal number of VMs live and 100% working at the exact time you need them.

CloudShare uses machine learning and AI to allocate [Standby] resources that fit your precise VM needs.

Our proprietary mechanism allows you to significantly reduce your resource costs, yet still benefit from having the right number of VMs available to you and fully working within 60 seconds of login.

Easy access to environments

Access CloudShare with complete flexibility, using the mechanisms that work best for you:

  • Use your browser to instantly connect to an Environment or Virtual Machine​. No need to download or install a thing. CloudShare’s user-friendly viewer makes using your Environment simple and intuitive.
  • Send an invitation link to a personal copy of an Environment. Users can easily connect and use it via any browser, while you have complete control over the cost.
  • Define a permanent web address to allow on-demand access to a web-based application.
  • Use RDP with an external, persistent address. Connect via Microsoft’s RDP client using the same URL, even after a VM was suspended and resumed.
  • Export a RDP file to easily connect with a VM from any local machine at any time.


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