How do you improve customer training?

Delivering better customer training will not only help to improve customer satisfaction but will also boost your organization’s bottom line. It’s no secret that investing in customer education produces fantastic ROI. This is because good training helps customers get more value from your products and services. This increases retention, loyalty, and advocacy.

We believe there is one important aspect of customer training that is often neglected. The customer experience.

Customer expectations have changed, thanks to technology giants like Amazon and Spotify. Customers expect to be able to carry out any transaction, activity, or task anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This demand for great experiences includes customer success training and education, so when it comes to improving training the customer experience must be a top priority.

Avoid passive learning

We all know that the traditional method of PowerPoint presentations or webinars can be tiresome and unengaging. Passive learning will make customers switch off rather than switch on. Bad experiences here can mean unimpressed and dissatisfied customers.

Ways to improve customer training

Personalization is key for modern users. People learn in different ways, so offering a choice of training formats is a great way to ensure that everyone receives the most personally suited experience. Self-led or instructor-led, virtual or in-person, there are different ways to carry out a training session. Tailoring the experience to each trainee will boost engagement.

Virtual hands-on instruction is a great way to turn passive learning into active training. Allowing customers to test your products in simulated real-world scenarios, provides a level of engagement that drives knowledge retention through the roof. Not only will the experience stick in your customers’ heads, but they will be able to better see the true value of your solution.

What you want in customer training software

Organizations should look for an all-in-one enterprise-grade platform that provides flawless training experiences. The next generation of customer training software changes what’s possible. These platforms offer a wide range of training capabilities, including:

  • Virtual labs that simulate any environment and can be “spun up” in minutes
  • Modern user experiences with in-app video and seamless integration
  • Hands-on exploration and education that creates power users and loyal customers
  • Fully customizable training experiences for instructors
  • The ability to scale up immersive and interactive software experiences to an almost unlimited number of users
  • Analytics to track, monitor, and gain insights over user behavior for the entire customer lifecycle

To learn more about technology for customer training success, get in touch with the CloudShare team.