How do you make a virtual lab?

virtual lab is a full-featured interface that offers a virtual desktop experience, including built-in applications and any network components, which creates an environment that can be used to virtually train customers on a product, demo a product, test code, replicate a user environment for support, and more.
There are different virtual IT labs available in the market today. Homegrown labs are probably the most prominent just because of the sheer number of people that need a simple, single virtual machine to test their latest app. For this purpose, users can either create a simple machine using tools such as Virtualbox or Docker, or they can use a public cloud to run their application.

However, the more advanced virtual labs are required for businesses that need the ability to run a replica of their production environment in a safe manner with enterprise-level support and on hardware that is not necessarily owned by them.
CloudShare is a virtual IT labs provider that gives enterprises and small businesses the ability to use our datacenter, as well as AWS, Azure, and GCP, to host their virtual machines and create a copy of their actual live system. This enables them to do anything from virtual training of employees, partners, and customers to running demos and POCs to enhancing their DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

Features that are included are:

  1. Out of the box VM templates with licenses
  2. Easy VM upload and networking
  3. True scalability
  4. Over the shoulder access for trainers
  5. Much, much more