What are some virtual instructor-led training environment advantages?

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) combines the convenience and accessibility of online courses with the in-depth, face-to-face experience of a physical classroom. Businesses that want quality training for their employees or business partners typically turn to VILT for many reasons.

Accessing Professional Advice

The “instructor-led” component of VILT means that participants can communicate with experts across multiple forums and chats easily. Getting a quick response to a bothersome question is faster than ever through these platforms.

Utilizing Multimedia

VILT courses go beyond PowerPoint presentations and articles. Other tools like videos, quizzes, surveys, and chat boxes allow users to interact with the material in multiple ways, promoting better knowledge retention. Interactivity is the defining feature here, as many topics that businesses need, from IT security to channel partner training, work best when users can gain first-hand experience in the material.

Generating Feedback

Traditional classroom settings might face challenges measuring the progress of individual students. In contrast, a practice lab environment can track user engagement and success, giving participants instant feedback as well as data for the company to improve its learning materials. Instructors can also receive instant data on each user’s progress and get in contact with participants individually if necessary. This “over the shoulder” feedback is a feature of many virtual training labs service providers, including CloudShare.

Staying Up To Date

Companies often have to communicate new information quickly, such as new deals, products, or market trends. Sharing information over a VILT platform is the fastest way to get the word out there to all the users.

Saving on Cost

Virtual settings negate the need to organize schedules and travel plans for physical classrooms. Learners and instructors can work in the class at any location at any time, reducing the cost of implementation significantly. This benefit is especially strong for classes operating in multiple distant locations. Instead of paying for hotels and other accommodation costs for every participant, VILT enables them all to collaborate from home.

Convenient Setup

Don’t think you need technical knowledge or experience to take advantage of virtual training. Services like CloudShare have made it even easier for businesses to adopt VILT for their own training purposes. The cloud-based nature of these platforms negates the need to invest in in-house equipment and servers. The service provider handles all maintenance and updating procedures, so there’s little risk to get started today.