What are the main challenges for sales enablement?

Put in the simplest terms, sales enablement is the strategy behind sales. It involves answers to the following key questions: how to improve sales outcomes, how to help sales staff perform better, and how to improve sales processes for everyone involved.

Therefore, the main goal and responsibility of sales enablement is to outline, govern, and execute the overarching strategy behind sales processes. However, in the modern digital age, an enormous part of this is managing and optimizing the technology that makes this possible.

So, what are the main sales enablement problems and challenges?

Getting the plan right

You need a good sense of exactly what your sales enablement strategy goals are. For instance, that could mean enabling your salespeople to effectively demonstrate the benefits of Product X to Audience Y. When you have a clearly defined mission, it allows you to identify what success will be and how to measure it.

Getting training right

For your salespeople to do their jobs as effectively as possible, they need as much support as you can give them. Sales enablement training is a large part of this – ensuring your team understands the products or services they are selling, the benefits, the customer pain points and expectations, and the most effective ways to communicate key selling points.

Getting engagement right

If your sales teams are not engaged in your training methods, then there’s no point in carrying out training. To ensure that knowledge is retained and that key points are well understood, you must carry out training in a way that immerses the trainee in the training experience. The same goes for delivering sales demos. When the customer isn’t engaged in the experience, they will not see the value of your product or service.

Getting the technology right

With so many sales activities taking place online, it’s now vital to have access to high-quality tools for matters such as customer relationship management (CRM), virtual training, product demonstrations and trials – and employees need access to these anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Just as how sales once depended on the quality of printed sales collateral, digital and remote capabilities are now crucial to overcoming the challenges of modern sales enablement.

Getting demos, POCs, and product trials right

Sales reps need reliable and flexible technology which allows them to showcase the full value of your product or services quickly and easily. This needs to be fully customizable, so it can be tailored to meet the requirements of each prospect. As prospects become customers and progress through the customer journey, ongoing training is also an important tool to attain advocacy and loyalty.

What’s the solution?

Sales enablement solutions, like CloudShare, will allow you to deliver software experiences that stick – whether it’s keeping your trainees engaged in hands-on virtual training or providing flawless demos that showcase the full value you can offer to the customer. With a central platform you can manage all software experiences, gain insights on usage and popularity, and continually improve processes around sales.