What is Oracle Ravello?

Ravello Systems was founded in Israel in 2011 and received a total of $54 million of funding before being purchased by Oracle in 2016. Their mission was to make it easy for enterprises to migrate their VMware or KVM datacenter applications and environments to the public cloud, namely AWS and GCP, without making changes to their current.

With the acquisition, Oracle was able to leverage the environment as a service solution in order to push their own public cloud offering. Oracle Ravello announced the end of life of their solution in the middle of 2019 and will officially shut down the service in May 2020.

Ravello use cases include training, dev/test, sales demos & POCs, and cybersecurity. The idea is to use your current VMs, upload them to the Ravello cloud and then deploy that on top of a private or public cloud.

What should you do with Oracle Ravello’s end of life looming?

There are a number of solutions that can fill the gap that Ravello will leave within enterprises currently using it. However, for the best user experience and support, check out Ravello replacement CloudShare for industry leading virtual labs solutions.

CloudShare is the Ravello alternative that offers a comprehensive training solution that gives users complete control over their hardware resources, enables multi-cloud support with Azure and Google Cloud, and has built in licenses for Microsoft applications as well as out of the box BI analytics.