What is a proof-of-concept (POC) in cloud computing?

What is a cloud POC?

In cloud computing, a proof-of-concept, or POC, is a method enabling end users to test a product or application in a virtual cloud environment. POCs are generally used as part of the sales funnel in which sales engineers offer a hands-on virtual IT lab environment that mimics the actual production environment used within the organization.

For example, a cybersecurity software company that offers cyber ranges for training purposes can give POC access to a customer which gives the team access to start using the cyber range product, using the customer’s real data, in an isolated, cloud-based environment.

Advantages of a cloud POC

There are quite a few reasons for specifically utilizing a cloud POC solution, including:

  • Scalability: The cloud offers unlimited capacity to grow. There’s no need to buy new hardware, deal with networking issues, or install and configure another box. Using a virtual POC solution such as CloudShare, scaling up is taken care of automatically.
  • Isolation: There’s no need to worry that your production environment will be touched. Once you are running your POC environment in a different cloud, there is no chance that real data will be stolen or harmed. Also, users sent POCs with CloudShare are each given isolated environments of their own.
  • Analytics: With a dedicated cloud POC solution, tracking all POCs sent and each environment’s usage is a no-brainer. By having built-in analytics, it’s easy to see who is the most involved user and follow up with them to increase chances of closing a deal.
  • Identical Environments: The cloud enables virtual environments to be built once and replicated an unlimited number of times. This ensures each person using the POC environment is using the exact same copy as everyone else.
  • Easy Invitations: Most systems require individual invitations to be sent out and new POCs built for each invite. With cloud-based proof of concepts, invites are as simple as adding an email address and clicking send.
  • Salesforce Integration: With most enterprises using Salesforce today, it is essential to be able to track a prospect’s usage and send invitations through Salesforce. CloudShare has the integration that helps sales close faster.