All of your demos in one location

Product demos can be expensive—especially if they’re not managed well. CloudShare provides the ideal way to organize and standardize demos while still providing your teams with the creative space they need to bring home the sale.


Demo management made easy

CloudShare sales demo features include the ability to:

  • Centralize and easily control your demos using our powerful, versatile environments
  • Know who’s using each demo and which demos are most popular
  • Align your sales teams using demo templates, while enabling the freedom to create custom instances at any time—from simple tweaks to one-off additions of prospect data
  • Extend or cancel a demo at any time
  • Create automated environment policies for inactivity, deletion, and suspension
  • Control and manage the exact number of demo invites, total amount of usage time, and allocated resources for each demo instance
  • Use our native Salesforce integration for quick invites, notifications, and followup
  • and much more

Now that you’re familiar with our sales demo functionalities, check out our powerful POC features and self-service trial features.

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