Corporate Training Platform

What is a corporate training platform?

A corporate training platform is the software used to train employees at an organization, offering activities, learning paths, and often hands-on virtual training.

Why is it important?

A corporate training platform is a vital investment for organizations that want to improve productivity and employee retention. A LinkedIn report found that 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if their employer invested in training. 48% of employees reported that “heavy” training (over five hours a week) made them find a greater purpose at work.

What does the platform look like?

A corporate training platform is any piece of software that provides employees with training tools and resources. It could include how-to videos, interactive activities, quizzes, virtual labs, and games.

Virtual training platforms are the next evolution of corporate training. They can be used by organizations to train employees, business partners, stakeholders, as well as potential clients who might want a sandbox environment to learn how to get the most out of a new product. The best kind of virtual corporate training labs include features such as breakout rooms for group discussions, a digital whiteboard, and interactive multimedia.

What are the benefits of a corporate training platform?

Cost and time efficiency: By taking corporate training online, employers no longer must worry about the expense of traveling to an off-site location or in-person training. Corporate training platforms provide employees the tools they need to learn while at their desk, meaning they can be available to respond to messages and emails, and jump out of the training room if they need to.

Training attracts talent: 73% of employees say they’d stay at a company if there were more skill-building opportunities . A lack of development opportunities is one of the key reasons employees leave a role, and so it’s important that organizations take the initiative to invest in training exercises that help their staff develop and feel valued.

Build skills quickly: With a corporate training platform upskilling is fast-tracked, with a “hands-on” approach more efficient for teaching and keeping employees engaged. Virtual corporate training labs prove to be particularly successful, with customizable learning experiences and the ability to monitor student progress in real-time. A training platform means more time teaching, with environments that are simple to manage for any size class.

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