Microsoft Azure usage has seen tremendous growth in the last few years, going head to head with AWS for the top spot in public cloud. By spinning up a CloudShare environment on the Azure cloud, organizations can benefit from Azure cloud services training and sales enablement, complete with the resources and technology behind Azure, and the control, simplicity and governance of CloudShare.

Automating the set-up of environments on the Azure public cloud has a wide variety of use cases, including Azure devtest labs for training and development, sandboxing requirements for security and compliance, and the delivery of complex sales demos and POCs for sales teams.

No matter your use case, being able to leverage immediate access to scalable, secure, purpose-built SaaS training and demo/POC solutions on the Azure public cloud is a game changer for both training and sales enablement.

Instant access to all cloud features for Microsoft Azure training

By spinning up CloudShare environments on the Azure cloud, users have complete access to all Azure resources and tools that they need while they train and sell complex SaaS solutions. If something changes on Azure, there’s no need to begin again from the start.

Easy, built-in integration between Azure and CloudShare

From the CloudShare viewer, users can directly access Azure VMs, as well as the Azure Portal. CloudShare makes it simple to build real-world scenarios that can enable both testing and virtual training labs, augmenting the might of Azure with the simplicity of our industry-leading virtual labs solution.


Scale up to the number of users you need

Create the right amount of environments for the training group, up to thousands of replicated and identical sessions. Your powerful SaaS environments will exist in a sandbox environment and can be torn down automatically according to requirements, so there’s no surprise costs at the end of the month.

Define user and machine controls for Azure cloud services training

Accelerate your own business growth with control over the minutiae of each virtual training or sales session. Quotas can be set up for usage, CPU or memory, with granular visibility into access and utilization, easily shareable with automatic reports and analytics.

Full instructor control during each session

Throughout the virtual labs sessions, the instructor can see and manage everything from one centralized dashboard console. If a user needs additional support, advanced features such as ‘over the shoulder’ view and zoom-in capabilities allow for remote view, assistance and control.


In-depth functionality with Azure devtest labs for training

Developers need the freedom to test and trial in a completely safe environment, secure, compliant, and reset at the click of a button. CloudShare environments can be set up in minutes, and can return to the original state at a moment’s notice. Your developers have free rein, speeding up time to innovation and value.

Advanced sales enablement tools

Track the progress of POCs in real-time, and gain insight and understanding into the mindset of your prospects via their usage, tracking and analyzing their engagement. Allow users to play and test to their heart’s content, with zero impact on the rest of the network.


Go further than Microsoft Azure training and sales enablement alone

Cross-platform training functionality means that your SaaS solution can be displayed in multiple tabs for different cloud providers or hybrid realities. Simply move from one to the other to train on multiple systems at the same time, for example on-premises, AWS or GCP, saving both time and money.

Microsoft Azure training just got a whole lot simpler, with CloudShare environments built directly on top of your preferred cloud solution. Say goodbye to complex lengthy builds, or theoretical training sessions that fail to show the value of your software. CloudShare offers simple, replicable real-world environments, ready for hands-on usage at a moment’s notice.

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