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development & test lab

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The easiest test lab for complex app development


CloudShare enables you to build complete production-like environments in minutes

Sales Demos & POCs

Sales Demos & POCs
Offer prospective customers their own, individual hands-on product experience on an exact replica of your production environment. One-click provisioning and your resources are ready.

Online Training

Virtual Training
Build customized training labs in no-time with our proven templates. Deliver your onsite and self-paced training labs using a real lab environment without having to install software and machines locally.

Development & Testing

Development & Testing
Accelerate development and test with as many sandboxes as needed. Easily import existing environments and replicate multi-VM apps to the cloud in one click.


Cloudshare provides a quick and secure way to tap into the power of the cloud, but we go way beyond that. Our platform enables cloud-replication of any on-premise IT system or application in less than a minute. We draw on thousands of training classes, sales demos, proofs of concept, and development environments to bring you best practices embedded in proven templates, accessible with a single click. Our solutions deliver speed, scalability and rapid ROI, eliminating complicated IT and operations overhead.