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By Danielle Arad - January 5, 2017
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Adopting cloud technology across global organizations has recently become the new economic model for delivering effective training. The 24/7 availability around the world, the obviation of travel, set-up and implementation costs, and the significant rise in student engagement and retention rates are just some of the reasons why cloud based training is gaining popularity among global organizations.

But in order to fully utilize the benefits of online training, it’s vital for the entire software training ecosystem to stay updated with the newest learning trends around. And though constantly changing and evolving, there are four dominant trends reshaping software training these days:

1. Gamification

An original way to bypass students’ retention challenge these days is by delivering content in the form of a game. It seems this trend is gaining popularity thanks to its ability to increase motivation among students, thus getting them to complete more tasks and engage further in the learning process.

2. Personalization

Research shows us that when we customize processes, the target audience is inclined to be more engaged in the experience. Training is no different, with training courses allowing customizing features to increase student engagement.

3. Bite-sized training

In this digital age, ‘short and sweet’ should be the motto for every training course. With our limited attention span, short content units are the best way for highly effective learning.

4. Virtualization

Cloud based training environments have paved the way for the elimination of physical campuses. This means virtualized training could be used in partner channel support, customer software training or employee training – all the while providing the same learning experience at a fraction of the cost.

Gaining momentum across the industry, these trends deserve a thorough examination to learn just how the cloud is expanding its possibilities. And that is exactly what we do in this paper.

Download the full whitepaper and learn about the 4 trends disrupting software training, how to use them in your program and leverage them for more effective cloud based training.

4 trends for software training