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5 Signs to Know When the Right Training Lab Solution Comes Along


Feb 14, 2018 - 3 min read

Did You Meet Your True Love Training Lab Solution Yet?

Upgrading or searching for the right cloud-based platform for your online training program is somewhat like dating: researching the web to find reviews about the platform; looking for additional screenshots to make sure the one on the homepage is not just a one-time photogenic mishap; flirting with the sales rep…

However, there are times when you just know the right platform has come along.

“You had me at ‘hello'”

“It’s never that easy,” is what they always say, right? You never know if the first date is just a front, or whether what you see is really what you get. Anyway, love at first sight only exists in the movies, or in 19th-century European novels. Or, maybe it just boils down to a complicated scientific explanation of neurons and chemical reactions flowing through our veins, devoid of any resemblance to romance.

But, many people say love at first sight does happen, despite the evidence to the contrary. At least, there are plenty of people who claim to know for sure that the person standing in front of them is “the one.”

So, is love at first sight truly possible? Here are a few signs to help you know for sure when the right cloud-based training lab comes along.

Loves you as you are.

Those training labs that don’t ask you to change anything in your existing infrastructure.

If your training lab can’t accept you the way you are, then just don’t bother with a second date. Today, advanced training labs can be deployed easily, without requiring any change of on-premise architecture. That right there is the first sign of love at first sight.

Not afraid of cold feet.

Those training labs that are ready to go, no playing around, no more wasting your time.

Why should you waste your valuable time building environments or trying to understand what to do and where to look? A great sign for love at first sight is the feeling of comfort and ease – like when you see a training lab provider that allows you to set-up classes within minutes, with a wide variety of best-practice training templates, no special expertise or help from IT required. Not to mention, when you know you can even import your own environments seamlessly, in no time – that is definitely a sign of love at first sight.

Gives you a healthy amount of freedom.

Those training labs that let you do your own thing.

Just choose the way you want to lead your training program – whether instructor-led training on-site or virtual, self-paced, or for certification.  A training lab that provides you with the freedom to design, orchestrate and lead your training program according to your goals – is a sign of love at first sight.

Beautiful from the inside, as well as from the outside.

Those training labs that take care to look good for you.

With customizable viewing options, a localization feature allowing you to choose your own language, and dedicated instructor console with the ability to see your students’ workspace and jump right in to help – the right training lab should offer much more than empty visualizations; it should offer insightful views into student progress, learning analytics, and ROI. When you have all those, you’ll just know it’s love at first sight.

Gets along great with your BFF.

Those training labs that get along just fine with your LMS system.

If there was ever a sign of a good, healthy start between lovers, it is when your BFF gives the green light to your new love. And to be honest, the LMS was there first. It has all the relevant information and has clear seniority over the new cloud-based training lab. But, once the new training lab integrates seamlessly, easily and quickly with your existing LMS, it is crystal clear – this is a match made in heaven.

So, is love at first sight possible?

Well, at least when it comes to choosing the one, true training lab for you, we know it is! Next time you feel those butterflies in your stomach – just make sure to look for these signs. And who knows, maybe this Valentine’s Day will turn out to be true love at first sight.