How to Improve Cyber Security Hands-on Training Experiences for Employees?

The Nature of the Cyber Security Threat Today Like Sisyphus rolling that boulder up, up, and up the mountain only for it to fall back down and have to start all over again, every day,…
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Cyber Range Training And Simulation With Cloud-Based Technologies

With IT operations becoming increasingly complicated and cybercrime on the rise, it’s more vital than ever to keep your IT department and employees up-to-date with modern cybersecurity practices. Recent studies by Cybersecurity Ventures and Verizon…
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Why You Need Cloud-Based Cyber Range Simulation for Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity is no longer the exclusive domain of IT. Instead, it’s the responsibility of everyone in the company, from customer service reps to the CEO. Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks, with 71% of…
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Cyber Security Training In 2022: An Up-To-Date Guide

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, cybercrime has increased by over 600%. Due to this ever-growing threat, up-to-date, effective cyber security training is increasingly important for the safety of every business (and…
Creating a Cyber Security Training Program for Your Organization


6 Steps to Creating a Cyber Security Training Program for Your Organization 

As hacks, breaches, and online security threats continue to rise, there has never been a more important time for cyber security training. It is estimated that 64% of companies worldwide are likely to experience cyber…
7 Reasons Cybersecurity Simulation Software is Crucial for Protecting Your Business


7 Reasons Cybersecurity Simulation Software is Crucial for Protecting Your Business

The large-scale shift to distributed work came with significant consequences from a cyber security perspective. Cyber crime saw a 600% increase in 2020. Distributed work increased the average cost of a data breach by $137,000….
Why cybersecurity companies must provide hands-on training to hospital clients


Why Cybersecurity Companies Must Provide Hands-on Training to Hospital Clients

It’s not easy running an IT department at a large medical organization these days, and the job is not getting any easier. Hospitals represent a prime target for cyberattacks for a variety of reasons: Medical…
How Cyber Range Training Makes Your Business Safer


How Cyber Range Training Makes Your Business Safer 

As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, our defense against it must do so too. Training has always been at the forefront of strategies to protect organizations against the different types of attacks and provide best practice…
Cybersecurity Training Benefits of Hands-on Environments


The 4 Main Cybersecurity Training Benefits of Hands-on Environments

Let’s face it. To understand what your software’s all about, your customers need to try it for themselves. A theoretical learning environment relies on users to make the leap from a practical understanding of the…
Cyber Security Sales Training

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Cyber Security Sales Training: The Future of the Industry

Every industry implements sales training. The more complex the industry, the more difficult it is to network—and the more critical sales training is. Sales training isn’t just endless slideshows and technical documents. Sales training requires…


Cybersecurity is shifting its priorities – will your virtual training reach its potential?

Have you seen this infographic by McKinsey Research that looks at the projected influence of COVID-19 on cybersecurity spending? Looking closely at the data, it’s clear that outside of the obvious drive to protect employees…

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Five Articles from RSA 2020 to Make You More Cyber Aware

At the close of February, attention turned to one of the biggest security shows in the world – RSA Conference 2020 – as cybersecurity pros, practitioners and executives took over San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Yet,…

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