What To Think About When You’re Choosing A Virtual Training Experience Solution

With the rise of distributed workplaces, and a growing number of employees eager to continue working from home in their sweatpants – “old-school” training methods just aren’t practical (or possible) for many companies.  This has…
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Customer Training Software Best Practices


Best Practices for Customer Training Software in 2023

Even the best products can fail if your customers don’t understand how they work. When you’re so involved in the internal development, sales, and support of a software product, you can lose sight of showing…
how to make virtual training effective


How Can You Create an Effective Employee Virtual Training Program?

Workplace training is integral to any company, regardless of industry or size. It ensures employees and business partners are always in line with the company’s goals and operations, as well as increase efficiency and lower…
customer training pricing packages


Customer Training Pricing and Packaging Best Practices

Consumer training is a way for companies to ensure that clients get the most value out of the product as possible. Also known as customer education, there are a wide array of benefits of providing…
cedma conference


5 Key Takeaways from CEdMA Conference 2022

This year’s CEdMA conference EU gave us an opportunity to network with old and new friends, meet customers and partners face-to-face, and learn from some of the brightest minds in training and education.  Here are…
How to improve cyber security hands-on training experiences for employees?


How to Improve Cyber Security Hands-on Training Experiences for Employees?

The Nature of the Cyber Security Threat Today Like Sisyphus rolling that boulder up, up, and up the mountain only for it to fall back down and have to start all over again, every day,…
blended learning


What to Expect in 2023: A Look into the Future of the Training Industry

The past two years have seen a massive shift in how customer or certification training has been offered. The most prominent one has been in terms of delivery—and by that, I mean—an uptick in virtual…
Training Budget Planning


8 Training Budget Planning Insights from Training Leaders in CloudShare’s Community

When planning your training budget, it’s now more important than ever to manage and control your resources to ensure every dollar is accounted for. You also need to optimize every facet of your training in…
Trim Training Expenses With Virtual Training Solutions


Trim Training Expenses in 2023 With Virtual Training Solutions

2023 is around the corner, which means you’re probably neck-deep in budget planning. As the new year comes in with new expectations, it’s not surprising that you’re looking for more ways to cut costs —…
Learning Management System Vs. Training Management System: What's Right For Your Organization?


Learning Management System Vs. Training Management System: What’s Right For Your Organization?

A skilled staff lineup is an effective one, hence why corporate training is always in high demand. Companies administer training to not only onboard employees and help management but also help customers get the most…
Accelerating Channel Partner Training


5 Tips for Accelerating Channel Partner Training Success

Research shows that the right channel partner training technology can shorten sales cycles by 28% while helping 13% more sales reps reach their sales quota. In short, your channel sales training partners play an essential…
Best Practices for Instructor-Led Training in an Enterprise Environment


Best Practices for Instructor-Led Training in an Enterprise Environment

Virtual instructor-led training, or VILT, is a popular and effective tool for scaling business operations and improving the organizational bottom line. Instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training can be used for a wide range of…

Software Training Budget Planning Guide