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CloudShare Classroom Training


Sep 19, 2011 - < 1 min read

We’re happy to announce a new capability, CloudShare Classroom Training in CloudShare Enterprise, that enables enterprises, IT training companies, ISVs and universities offer hands-on virtual lab training classes to their customers, partners and prospects. It helps enrich training classes with hands-on labs and live access, and reduces costs of delivering cloud based training environments and labs for your physical and remote classrooms.

Who can use this capability?

This can be used by IT training companies, ISVs, IT organizations, Consulting and System Integrators and Universities to offer virtual labs along with their physical or remote training solutions.

How does this enhance the CloudShare Enterprise product?

Several customers have been using Cloudshare Enterprise for virtual labs. This capability enables customers to schedule virtual classrooms, and invite students. Other key features include ..

Class Scheduling

Schedule classes and invite students to attend. This can support multi-day classes and large class sizes of 10’s of students.

Environments scheduled to start up before classes begin.

Branded Student Portals

Easily brand the home page of your student portal with a simply MCE editor and with your logo and images.

Low latency, Responsive Labs in the Cloud

Improved responsiveness and low latency lab environments through RDP Acceleration Technology

Support Complex Lab Environments

  • Supports large, complex environments with complex networks.


How do I get more Information?

For more information, contact