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Customers Reward CloudShare with 21 G2 Badges

The CloudShare Team

Sep 29, 2023 - 2 min read

Helping software companies achieve their sales and customer education goals is rewarding for everyone at CloudShare. It feels extra good when it comes in the form of feedback. We get plenty of that—and from different sources.

One of those sources is G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. Data presented on the G2 site is based on user reviews and a variety of online sources. Every season of every year, top products are awarded badges based on approved reviews during the evaluation period.

So, when 21 honors across three categories come your way, you know who to thank. We thank you for…

Our most robust bundle of badges to date

Here’s what our 2023 Fall haul includes:

Customer Education

  • Best Est. ROI — Enterprise
  • Best Meets Requirements
  • Best Meets Requirements — Enterprise
  • Best Meets Requirements — Mid-market
  • High Performer — Enterprise
  • Fastest Implementation — Mid-market
  • Leader
  • Leader — Small business
  • Leader — Americas
  • Leader — EMEA
  • Leader — Europe
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend — Mid-Market

Virtual IT Labs

  • High Performer — Americas
  • High Performer — EMEA
  • High Performer — Europe
  • Leader
  • Leader — Mid-Market

Demo Automation

  • Best Meets Requirements — Mid-market
  • Easiest to Use — Mid-market
  • Leader — Enterprise
  • High Performer — Enterprise

“Rankings and awards on G2 reports are based on data provided by real users,” said Annie Reiss, CloudShare’s chief marketing officer. “We value getting feedback from the market and appreciate the fact that users delight in using our products to achieve their customer education and sales goals.”

We relish the reviews

97% of CloudShare user reviews on G2 are 4 or 5-star reviews. Here are some recent ones we’re proud to share:

CloudShare is the best for virtual classroom training. The easy-to-use classroom setup tools, ability to view every student’s desktop, and student communication tools make it a service we use for all our online software training courses.”

I love the tool for virtual labs. Even more important is how good this product is for on-demand courses. It’s so much better than hosting your own AWS instance where you have no idea how long it will be live. Plus, they’re super-fast to spin up!”

CloudShare is a great platform to build out competitive and demo lab environments. I like how easy it is to add new VMs and customize the resources. I also like the stock machine images you have available. It is a very user-friendly interface.”

The ease of use and setup is amazing. It’s easy to get an environment setup without the traditional difficulties of setting up an entire virtual infrastructure.”

You only have to use a web browser and get a world of possibilities. We use CloudShare for remote training, and every student has an environment with several VMs. If they have problems, I can take control to help them in no time. I can see if everybody is following the instructions on a single page and in real-time.”

G2 presents product information, reviews, and features on each software company’s page. You can find the CloudShare page here.