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CloudShare Solves Three Training Challenges at Once for SAI Global


Aug 23, 2021 - 2 min read
SAI Global Ensures Business As Usual & Scales Its Training Operation Following Merger

Sometimes, business pressures appear simultaneously from different directions, creating “the perfect storm.”

Such was the case when Australia-based SAI Global, a leader in risk management services, recently acquired BWise, a leading software company providing exceptional software for helping clients to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Acquisitions are always exciting, but never simple. Teams and tools need to be assessed, combined, streamlined and optimized to remove redundancy and maximize effectiveness. And this all must happen in real-time, without active customers noticing anything but improvements.

With the acquisition complete, the Training Academy of SAI’s new division faced scalability challenges: They had to quickly begin remote training a broader customer base that suddenly became their own. They needed to do more software training, more quickly, for more clients, and ideally without adding hardware, software, or a new cadre of IT staff to manage all this new activity.

And as if this weren’t a daunting enough challenge, COVID-19 arrived and SAI’s online remote training became the core mode of the Academy’s activities. The urgent need for scaling up was, somehow, even more critical.

Luckily, BWise had been a customer of CloudShare and had used its remote training solutions for a few years. Its most active users – the trainers – knew they had nothing to worry about; CloudShare’s cloud-based software training platform was designed specifically for scenarios like these. With minimal changes to the status quo, they’d remain independent of IT and easily spin up all the training sessions they needed. Leveraging CloudShare’s long list of cloud-based virtual training features, they delighted their new employers with a seamless uptick in activity.

How did they do it? Read our case study: SAI Global’s BWise Academy Effortlessly Scales its Remote Training for COVID and Post-Acquisition Growth to learn how the BWise team elegantly handled this smooth transition and expansion of their software training.

You’ll discover how SAI Global:

  • Completed a smooth logistical transition of the BWise academy following the merger without triggering downtime or lengthy integration processes
  • Ensured training continuity even through times of Covid, without a glitch
  • Scaled its training operation to support the expected growth following the acquisition