7 CloudShare Features You Can’t Miss!

By Danielle Arad - January 23, 2012
4 min read

No matter if you are new to CloudShare Pro, or a Cloud Sharing Addict. Here are 7 features we do not want you to miss:

Full Control ( It’s my Cloud and I do what I Want! ): Once CloudShare Pro provisions a machine for you, it’s yours. You can even change the administrator password! What this means is that it is really no different then having a physical machine right next to you. Install software, change security, install patches, deal with fun Windows errors ( just kidding ). Bottom line it’s yours to improve, or make worse. You have full control of the machine.

Cloud Folders: One place to store, transfer, and share content between all the virtual machines under your account. The way CloudFolder work is an FTP location tied to your login. This FTP location is available to all your VMs. You will find your unique FTP location when you click the CloudFolder tab after login, and able to mount the folders via the “View Machine” page. CloudFolders are great for moving content to start a project, downloading what you created on CloudShare, and transferring files between virtual machines. Collaborators to your environment will also be able to see what you have in your CloudFolder. Upload WSP SharePoint Solutions, download a content database or Code, whatever it is CloudFolder is a must tool.

Web Access: Want to share what you have built in Pro, without giving access to the VMs? Any Web Server in your environment can have a unique URL assigned to it for you to share. This unique URL gives recipients access to your web application without giving them direct access to your VMs. To grab your URL click on “more details” on the machine with your web server. If you do not see the Web Access URL there, simply enable web access by editing your environment and the machine you need it on. Even when your environment is suspended you can use web access. Recipients will be prompted to resume your environment, as soon as it’s ready they are redirected to ports 80, 8080, 443, and 3695 web applications.

Scale: You love CloudShare Pro, so share the love with your team. You can even control access across your team. CloudShare Scales. Purchase as many environments as you need for your entire organization. Buy environments per developer, per project, per shared resource. However you want to split it up, you can scale the resources in the Cloud very easily.

Collaboration: Collaboration helps you scale as well. Give access to environments to your peers, prospects, and customers. The collaboration feature shows up as the “Assign Team Members” button. Click this, specify the name and email of the person you want to work in your environment, and click “ok”. The recipient will be able to work in your environment. Everything they do you see. Control access at any time by adding and removing the recipient(s). There is additional control as collaborators cannot take snapshots or share your environment elsewhere. The collaborators will only see environments in their account they have access to, and they do not have to have any paid licenses in order to access them.

Snapshots: Protect what you have built in CloudShare by taking a snapshot. Simply click the Take Snapshot button. You can always have one Snapshot that is available to revert back to at any time.

Sharing: You can share copies of your enviroment to the world. To share you first take a snapshot. You can share to a specific individual by clicking “invite others”, or you can publish on a website, blog, twitter by clicking “Get Permalink”. Invite others is for named specific users, and permalink is a static URL that never changes. Both give the recipient a copy of your environment in their account for 48Hrs or if they have a free licences as long as they need. What a great way to control what the user sees and share complete copies of virtual machines containing your solutions and configurations. Not only that because sharing is based on your snapshot, you can continue to work on your active environment, but only share updated copies when you take a new snapshot!


If you rather not learn about these features by reading text from me, but cute cars. Here you go!