Cloud Sales Training – The Future of Training Sales People

By Danielle Arad - May 11, 2016
2 min read

Onboarding new sales people will be much faster with cloud based training

In today’s world, the train never fully stops. Newcomers are forced to run to catch up. Not that it’s the train’s fault! After all, the train is just doing what trains do best: traveling from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What’s needed is a way to make the train quicker and more efficient, allowing for a full stop at the station. Meanwhile, the new passengers must have the tools to make it to the station on time. More and more companies are addressing these dual necessities by turning to cloud based training for an efficient onboarding process and it’s little wonder why.

Out of the classroom

Your parents probably scolded you once or twice for skipping class in high school. After all, your education is perhaps the most important factor in seeking future success at your career. Well, it’s time to short rewire your brain to accept a new reality. Classrooms may work in public schools, but not in your company’s onboarding process.

Cloud based training means no classroom except for your own mind and no limits except for your own capability. This speeds up the educational process for new employees by eliminating travel time to a classroom where the speed of learning may or may not meet the pupil’s potential – hardly an efficient way to onboard employees when the cloud is a reality.

In an additional benefit to business, cutting out the classroom experience also cuts time spent by teachers and others in setting up and managing lessons after complex preparation in the classroom that often includes software, hardware and network configurations – a needless full-time job.


Onboarding isn’t only a process through which new employees learn a new computer program or the latest sales tactics. Onboarding means full integration into the company, adopting and learning to utilize the established culture of the workplace. This involves an understanding and development of workflow and company values.

Sure, these are also topics that can be lectured on in a classroom environment, but individuality and personalization during cloud-based training are like the gas pedal in a car with the GPS set for a complete understanding of the company, its goals and how the work is expected to be done.

Cloud based training is a 21st-century solution to a 21st-century problem. A fast-paced, complex and highly technical working environment is making an employee’s education more important than ever while making it more difficult than ever to keep up. If clouds mean rain, then bring on the winter.