The Advantages of E-Learning

By Danielle Arad - April 20, 2016
2 min read

Why cloud-based learning?

If eLearning is Hollywood’s red carpet, cloud-based learning is Scarlett Johansson – she’s popular, getting all the leading roles and for good reason: she’s one of the best.

With data showing that employees spend some 30 percent of their time searching for information to bridge knowledge and skill gaps, it’s obvious why today’s fast-paced environment demands the best, but what puts cloud-based learning in that A-list category? A recent report in Training Mag on the explosion in cloud-based learning gives us several answers to that question.

A culture of learning


Cloud-based learning, according to the Training Mag report, isn’t just the latest advancement in educational technology; it’s something of a revolution in the workplace. Vive la … learning?

Through cloud based training technology, education can be integrated into the workplace, helping to dispel Hermann Ebbinghaus’ “Forgetting Curve” which shows a rapid loss of knowledge gained in training events or courses. The cloud can help employers create a culture of learning in which education is embedded in day-to-day activities and “employees have access to a constant flow of succinct, on-demand resources to support their development.”


This integrated learning method highlights the unique abilities of social media platforms and mobile devices in employee training. Not only do platforms like Facebook or Twitter allow employees to collaborate and learn from one another, mobile devices allow these practices to continue anytime, anywhere. It may even be a good time to invest in a unified set of tablets for your team.

No rain in this cloud

The qualities of integration and portability are clearly the best way to keep an educational edge in the future, and cloud based training solutions are seemingly the only ones that offer these benefits while simultaneously bringing to the table what entrepreneurs have sought since the beginning of business: lower costs, fewer work hours and increased sales.

After all, why would you cast a C-list actor when the A-list is at your fingertips?