How Snapshots save your assets

By Danielle Arad - January 8, 2014
1 min read


You hear it all the time in the real world. Back up your computer. Because the day will come when something catastrophic and out of your control happens.

The same can be true for your environment. CloudShare has a lot of failsafes in place to protect you from disasters, but there’s one tried and true method to protecting yourself. Taking a Snapshot.

It’s this pretty little button right here: take_snapshot_button

Yep, that’s your salvation. You wouldn’t believe the number of times the Support Cave receives an urgent ticket begging to retrieve a VM that got deleted by mistake. We can work magic but in cases like this, sadly there’s not much we can do without a Snapshot. To get you on the right track, we always suggest taking Snapshots just as you’re leaving the office at the end of your work-week. As you get in the habit of it, run them on a daily basis or just before and after a major roll-out or upgrade.

Don’t forget, snapshots are live. So you can continue working and just let it run in the background. Any changes made while a snapshot is running will get saved in your next snapshot.

Snapshots also open up lots of other features for you too. Like Permalinks, Environment Copies, Blueprints and Copying VMs. If some of these advanced features and having multiple snapshots are vital for you, check out TeamLabs and Enterprise.

Seriously, why haven’t you taken a snapshot yet?