Product News : RDP, Copy Environment, Performance

By Danielle Arad - November 13, 2011
2 min read

If you have not noticed it yet, CloudShare releases new versions of the ProPlus product ever two weeks. Such a aggressive release schedule and roadmap is possible with a brilliant development team and heavy planning. This post is about what’s new from the 11/13/2011 release.

Sometimes the releases come with minor improvements, other times major new features like the last release with mutliple environments, but always with backend improvments. Now that we have our spiffy new blog, I will be posting after every release on “What’s New”.

So what is new in the latest release of ProPlus:

– Quicker access to RDP sessions

– Copy environment button

– Performance improvements

RDP Session Sooner: There is now an even faster way to get to fullscreen RDP sessions. When you go to View Environment page, once it is resumed, you will see a new drop down on the “View machine” button ( see below ). There you can select “Fullscreen RDP”. This actually launches your locally installed RDP client as soon as the session is created. The benefit of accessing RDP this way is that we are able to tell if you are using the machine. This allows us to know when you are active and avoid suspending while you are using the machine. It also allows use to accelerate your connection for better performance.

Copy Environments: The new copy environment is a great way to replicate existing environment configurations for a team, or manipulate multiple versions of the same base environment. ISVs can use this tool to maintain a separate release copy of their software while keeping the development environment for active dev and test separate. When a new release is ready simply delete the old release environment, and copy the dev/test one. Teams of develoeprs at system integrators, or in corporate IT can use this to have a base configurtation that all SharePoint projects start from for example. To use the feature:

1.) View your Environment

2.) Take a Snapshot

3.) Click the “Create A Copy” button

If you have available subscriptions, a copy of the environment will automatically be placed in your homepage, and subscription applied. If you do not have an available subscription it will ask you to go through the “purchase subscription” process.

Performance Improvement: And finally. As always CloudShare is actively looking to improve the performance of the machines, especially resume time. This last release we placed substantial effort in decreasing the time it takes to resume a machine.