SharePoint 2013 Beta Sandbox – Available Now!

By Danielle Arad - July 18, 2012
2 min read

When I first dove deep into SharePoint I was completely overwhelmed! I began working with the platform when SharePoint 2007 was becoming widely used and accepted and out of nowhere the super secret announcement of the SharePoint 2010 beta was made. I was lucky enough at the time to be joining a SharePoint SI that had early access to SharePoint 2010. My challenge was learning the “concept” and the “feel” of SharePoint 2007 as well as the features of the new version that was about to surface. Knowing SharePoint 2010 was no small task. SharePoint 2010 is what got me my position in the SharePoint space. It was finally a true ECM platform and I, as an ECM expert, needed to understand how to use all of the ECM methodologies and practices in that brilliant new grab bag of features.

This week gave me a similar feeling. SharePoint 2010 has been taking over and suddenly the SharePoint 2013 Beta was announced!

But this time I have an advantage because I already understand the “feel” and “sense” of SharePoint. Allow me to explain. It’s one thing to know SharePoint features, but it’s another to have a thorough enough understanding of the SharePoint platform to be able to quickly grasp a new version, even if you don’t yet know all of the new features. This is where the true experts are created. For example, you may know how to develop web parts in Visual Studio, but do you really KNOW SharePoint? I feel lucky to be a part of the group that gets SharePoint.

The second reason I have an advantage is because of CloudShare. When I was an SI, CloudShare was the tool that gave me the advantage to test, break, develop, and explore SharePoint fast. Today, CloudShare is proud to say, “WE HAVE SHAREPOINT 2013 TEMPLATES!”

With the help of our good friends at Innovative-e and StoneShare, we are able to offer SharePoint 2013 Beta sandbox environments just days after the announcement of the SharePoint 2013 Beta. Read more about the new environments and the collaboration with StoneShare and Innovative-e.

There is no better way to test, learn, and build on SharePoint 2013 than in a completely sandboxed environment. These environments feature pre-installed SharePoint 2013 Beta and allow you to start planning RIGHT NOW. In less time than it takes to download the ISO and begin working, you can have SharePoint 2013 in your hands. It only takes 5 minutes.

There are many more SharePoint 2013 Beta templates coming…our team is working hard to prepare them as I type this! For now, I invite you to enjoy what Innovative-e and StoneShare have built for us, access the environments here:

Access the Innovative-e SharePoint 2013 beta and Project Server 2013 beta environment now:
Innovative-e environment features: SharePoint Server 2013 beta farm with Project Server 2013 already configured.

Access the StoneShare SharePoint 2013 beta environment now:
StoneShare environment features: Standard SharePoint 2013 beta farm with a SharePoint 2013 WFE, SQL Server 2012 on separate box, and AD.