We Second That Emotion

By Danielle Arad - February 17, 2012
2 min read

Our technological devices are an extension of us. The apps we download, the music we store, our contacts, our photos – they all create an image of who we are as individuals. Our computers, laptops, smartphones, all the way down to the cases we choose, say something about the type of person we are. There is a huge emotional component when it comes to the various technologies we interact with on a daily basis. As familiar and comfortable as we have become with technology, sometimes it fails us and it feels good to get angry. We’ve all been there – a system freezes, something’s working a bit slower than we’d like, or we enter the wrong passcode, and we have to wait to access what we need.

Instead of taking a deep breath and realizing everything will be OK, I’ve been known to react like a child having a tantrum. “It’s not working – I hate ALL technology!” This is known as tech rage.

So, how do I handle tech rage?

For starters, I remind myself that my emotional investment is clouding my judgment (and the puns continue). There’s always something I can do, and since you know I’m not a techie, that thing is usually finding someone who is, to help me…or doing a simple restart.

When working within Cloudshare, I’ve noticed that sometimes good old fashioned tech rage transforms into TEMPLATE RAGE.

How can YOU handle template rage?

You can come to us with your idea for a new template. In fact, we’ll give you the rights in ProPlus to create any original template you want as part of our Community Templates. Once it’s complete, we’ll publish it on our website giving YOU direct credit as the creator. Pretty cool, right? If this interests you, just email me and I’ll get you set up.

You don’t want to build a community template all by yourself, you say?

You can have a team! We’ll add anyone you choose to the environment to help you in developing the community template.

You don’t want to build a community template at all, you’re just having an, “I hate technology” day?

Contact one of us at Cloudshare. We’re trained experts in tech AND template rage. We’re here to commiserate.