You’re so vain you probably think this feature’s about you

By Danielle Arad - June 5, 2012
2 min read

You have been waiting patiently and we are pleased to announce that the feature you’ve been asking for has finally arrived. Vanity URLs are here! Read this blog post quickly so you can lock yours in today.

One of the most popular features of CloudShare ProPlus is Web Access.

What is Web Access?

Web Access is a powerful feature in ProPlus. It allows you to share your solution without giving direct access to the virtual machines. The Web Access URL gives your users the full experience. For example, if you have built a SharePoint solution, your users will experience SharePoint. The ProPlus virtual machines serve as the hosting platform.

Any web application will work over web access. We have even opened ports for you to test numerous applications hosted within your CloudShare environment.

System Integrators use Web Access to share their solutions with prospects and clients. Architects and IT Managers use Web Access to share with internal end-users for POCs and user acceptance testing (UAT). Developers use Web Access to work on their applications when they don’t need direct server access.

The functionality of Web Access relies on each user having a unique URL. As most of you know, uniquely generated strings can start looking like GUIDs, which turns our Web Access URLs into this:

While these are functional, people want more. They want to add flair to their solutions. That’s why we’ve created Vanity Web Access URLs. Vanity URLS give you the ability to customize your Web Access URL!

The root domain for Web Access Vanity URLs is Short and simple.

And you can put anything that follows our rules and is available in front of it. Don’t even think of stealing my twitter handle The one advantage of working here is that I can get it first!

We offer one vanity URL per environment. They can be setup under the “My Account” tab by selecting “Vanity URLs”. Simple type the URL you want and click Save.

You will need to make sure that web access is enabled before selecting your Vanity URL. The steps for creating a vanity URL are:

1.) Create your environment and add a machine with a web server installed, such as SharePoint and IIS. For many of our templates web access is automatically enabled. For some machines you will need to enable web access yourself.

2.) Click on “My Account”–>”Vanity URLs”. You will then see your environments listed.

3.) Locate the environment and the machine to which you want to assign a vanity URL.

4.) Enter an awesome URL and save changes.

Easy! Now that you’re done, you can share your new Vanity URL with your friends.

Now it’s your turn! Get creative.

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