2014 Predictions for Developers

By Danielle Arad - December 17, 2013
3 min read

The time of the year for predictions has come, and as in previous years, CloudShare is throwing theirs in the pile. But these are not just any old predictions. I’m going to tell you how the life of the developer is going to change in 2014.

Not all developers are created equal and we know it. Developers are tied to languages, OS platforms, and even the back-ends used in their application. But what all developers share is a need to be current, efficient, and always learning.

Fortunately the world of developer tools is vast and growing. So developers are offered new opportunities to grow with it. However it also brings the challenge of keeping on top of it all.

This is where my predictions start. How will the developers life change in 2014 to stay current?

– Now that Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery concepts are well known. I think both Enterprises and ISVs are going to get more real about what this means to their processes. And ultimately, after struggling to make pure methodologies fit, they will adopt hybrid solutions of what CD/CI means for their team. We at CloudShare are going to call this the CD/CI disease (“It hurts to deploy”) and in 2014 the cure will come.

– In 2013 the idea of Programmable Infrastructure came about in a huge way, and in 2014 this will continue to the point that infrastructure becomes part of the developers code. So that deployments include not only the code but all the infrastructure laid out in front of it.

– Cloud Based IDEs are going to go beyond hype and really get noticed. Mid-to end of the year are going to be a driving force in the Dev world.

– BigData goes from being a buzzword to meaning that your application is now empowered by data, and data and analytics as a feature in your applications big and small. This means more considerations for the back-end and perhaps some big changes finally implemented.

– The early adopters of the Cloud have always been developers, but in 2014 there will be more of a split between how developers use cloud and production cloud services. Dev/Test in the Cloud gives the opportunity to avoid security concerns, and allowing dev teams to be more opportunistic. As large enterprises expand the breadth of the types of applications they write, they will need to go to the Cloud for testing, and experimentation. I predict that we will see the largest transaction ever in the cloud, and it’s going to be from a very large dev shop in a very large enterprise.

– The internet of things gets a a boost, and the number of kickstarter projects will be overwhelming in the device category. Along with this will be the API Economy where developers will use many times more the number of public APIs then they have ever before to consolidate information, and integrate with their users’ lives. By the way, I already have 4 pre-ordered devices for the year, one for my locks, one for my outlets, one for my smoke detector, one for home monitoring.

– And finally the big one, Enterprise Development teams will start thinking more like ISVs as they move towards DevOps and development agility. This will be possible as EVERY organization starts developing apps for there internal and external customers, and development teams in enterprises get closer to revenue. This is a move I can’t wait for….

Enjoy the holiday season, and welcome in the new year as it’s going to be a great one for us technical folks!