ESXi Test Environments On-Demand!

By Danielle Arad - January 13, 2015
1 min read

For mature IT set-ups, virtualization is a must, if just for app consolidation and management.

But testing, changing and sharing a virtualized environment is rarely done, since it’s considered dreadfully complex: see this expert’s 68 page guide for a “nearly automated” test lab build process. It doesn’t have to be this way.


CloudShare’s virtual IT environments lets you test, provision and save or destroy copies of your entire system. An on-demand ESXi environment is one great example.

Building our own ESXI Test Environment

In our case, we built a ‘blueprint’ in CloudShare’s virtual lab environment – a virtualized image of our entire integration lab. As a cloud service with a fairly powerful (read, complex) backend, we cannot always get by with unit tests. We need the entire system, and thankfully our service is right at hand.

Our system image includes nested ESXi and VCenter, storage communication, and a top of the line Linux box with bridge controls. This is a huge time saver – the environment is complex to set up once, but once it’s saved as a blueprint, we can run tests, and save each result as it spins up and down. Read more here about our journey to nested virtualization.


nested virtualization



How to Begin Your ESXi Testing

While each configuration is likely unique, most of the time and hassle is on the front end: meaning, setting up a base image with nested virtualization.

We saved all this hassle for you and created a library of pre-configured environment templates, including  an ESXi environment template with an ESXi 5.5 template and an ESXi 6.0 template  to name a few.


Happy CloudSharing!