How to Deliver Software Sales Demos and POCs- Explained in 90 Seconds!

Streamline the Lengthy Enterprise Software Sales Cycle

CloudShare’s marketing team is at it again! After the success of our remarkable virtual training solution video, our marketing Virtual-Sales-Engagements-Explained-in-Only-90-Seconds.jpgwizards managed to not just brilliantly explain CloudShare’s cloud solution for software sales demos and pocs , nor do it in only 1:30 minutes, but also solely create an amazing video to bolster our message!

After watching, you’ll be a veritable expert in how you can now streamline the lengthy evaluation process typically associated with enterprise software sales demos and how you can now:

  • Provide prospective customers a hands-on product experience while eliminating travel, delayed load up time and idle infrastructure
  • Eliminate the need to ship in hardware to your prospects
  • Leverage CloudShare’s platform to supply the exact infrastructure, in the cloud.
  • Set up and scale sales demos in minutes, easily cloning your prospect’s environment into a Prototype
  • Have full Visibility with critical Insights throughout the evaluation process
  • Securely deliver to anywhere around the world, instantly
  • Manage complete governance over the entire process!


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