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Improve Conversions, Streamline Operations, and Reduce Customer Churn with Our New Hubspot Integration

Jeremy Davis

Jul 18, 2022 - 4 min read

What if you could draw a line between the performance of your POCs and demos, and how engaged your prospects were within those experiences? Or between customer retention and their level of competency on your product?

What if you knew the level of training your customers have received so far, and found a linkage between that, and your overall customer churn/retention levels?

That’s exactly why CloudShare has boosted its integration hub with the latest Salesforce and Hubspot integration. 

Particularly with the Hubspot integration, marketing teams will now be able to see a connection between the level of their customers’ and prospects’ product competency and their status in the customer journey. 

Why is this so important?

CloudShare monitors how users interact with your software products during hands-on demos, how engaged they are in training sessions, and how they respond to proofs of concept. Though not all of this information is available through this initial stage of the integration with Hubspot, CloudShare can now provide you with the basic knowledge of what product experience your prospects and customers have had so far. 

Let’s consider one scenario, to make things more tangible

If you knew whether your customers have consistently gone through your latest feature training, you could make data-driven assumptions regarding their level of product competency, and later on, even project their chances of churn, unless measures are taken. 

What’s in it for you?

Aha! As always, great question. To put it simply, integrating CloudShare with Hubspot (or Salesforce) allows you to see within your CRM to what extent your customers and prospects have engaged with your product so far, so you will be able to optimize your POCs and training operations in real-time. 

Enabling these immediate corrective actions is exactly what your marketing, sales, and CS teams need to optimize their POCs, close more deals, and make sure your customers are fully competent on your products to raise customer retention.

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How does it work?

Check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up and run your Hubspot integration with CloudShare, or check out our webinar >>>

Until you do, let’s take a look at a few examples to show how the Hubspot integration (and the Salesforce one, since they often go hand-in-hand), can empower trainers and sales professionals with the tools to make more cost-effective and informed decisions.

1. Account Executives Can Leverage Data To Weed Out Empty Prospects

Joe and Kate are salespeople working for Company A, and they are trying to sell their product to Company B. After Joe sends the POC environment over to the prospect in Company B through Salesforce, that data will automatically pass through from CloudShare to Salesforce.

Because Joe had all of the user data from Salesforce at his fingertips, he took a look at Kate’s daily review of opportunities and saw that the Google POC is at risk. Joe can now take immediate action to save the opportunity before it is lost. 

2. Instructors Can Track Every Aspect Of Their Training Course

Joe and Kate made the sale! Now Mark and Tina, Company A’s training instructors, must onboard the new customer in the quickest, most effective way. After Tina runs the initial training as part of the onboarding process, Mark can take a look through all of the contacts in Salesforce. There, he can see who has and who hasn’t yet completed the training.

Mark can then follow up with those who have yet to finish the course to see if there are any problems, ensure that the user is fully competent in understanding the product, and avoid support issues later down the road.

3. Effectively Manage Churn

Unfortunately, Company B churned from Company A. After this happened, Mark and Tina went through and reviewed the customer data and found that some of the users hadn’t completed 2 of the training courses.

They later could conclude that the churn was at least in part, a result of a lack of product competency and adoption. Now, Mark and Tina can go through Salesforce to look for any other users who haven’t completed their training courses and enroll them immediately. Thereby preventing further churn.

4. Sales and Marketing Can Improve Conversions Based on Data

Joe and Kate from Company A are again trying to sell their product, this time to Company C. After Joe initiates the POC environment in CloudShare, Kate works with James in Marketing to create a campaign to target POC users. This campaign is based directly on the information that flows from CloudShare into Hubspot.

The integration allows for Sales and Marketing teams to work together to create more touch points during a prospect’s journey based on the data that flows between CloudShare and Hubspot. This will streamline the processes between the two departments and, therefore, improve conversions.

The New CloudShare Integration Hub

Our new integration hub allows our users to connect their CloudShare accounts directly to HubSpot, Salesforce, LMS, and Google Sheets, with options for customizing which fields to populate and how often to sync the data. 

By creating a seamless flow of data between CloudShare and HubSpot, you will be able to: 

  • Improve conversions by enabling sales and marketing to create more touch points during a prospect’s journey
  • Gain a full bird’s-eye view of your customer competency data
  • Streamline operations to a single place
  • Reduce customer churn due to lack of product competency and adoption
  • Improve the value of your analytics 


Learn more about the CloudShare Integration Hub here >