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The Race for Business Acceleration in Cloud Technology

Jeremy Hess

Oct 05, 2020 - 3 min read
Business Acceleration in Cloud Technology

The technology industry has always led the charge for more innovation, changing how other markets behave in ways nobody could ever predict. Businesses with outdated practices must consider modernizing through digital methods to stay competitive.

One way to do so is to move some operations into the cloud. Both small and large companies realize that cloud acceleration is vital to becoming more scalable, efficient, and versatile.

And in an increasingly digital world, it’s often the only way to ensure that your business is prepared for future growth.

Why Use the Cloud?

Companies everywhere use software solutions to improve internal operations, but only those that jump to the cloud enjoy not having to handle their own software installations. They can avoid the costs and risks associated with maintaining physical servers as a result.

Most of the “busy work” companies do nowadays is achievable through third-party services with relatively inexpensive subscription fees. These business acceleration cloud services save the client company significantly on resources, time, and money.

What Are the Benefits of Business Acceleration Cloud?

The advantages of business acceleration cloud go beyond simple convenience. Business owners choose cloud software over traditional programs for several reasons.


Because everything is available in the cloud, professionals have access to all their business matters from any location or device with an internet connection. Some organizations even have dedicated remote staff who work from home to cut down on expenses.


If you have to host the required software on-site, you need to add extra servers and pay for maintenance every time your company expands. Choosing accelerated business solutions in the cloud, such as online training labs, sales demos, or POC environments by contrast, means easy upgrading that only involves changing your subscription model with your provider.


Data breaches have become a hot topic in recent years as both small businesses, and large enterprises suffer substantial cybersecurity attacks publicized on the news. Outsourcing your digital security into the cloud brings your team peace of mind.


Much like how Google Drive or Dropbox backs up your files redundantly to prevent data loss, cloud acceleration ensures you don’t lose any mission-critical data.


If you’ve ever used Google Docs in a group project, you’re familiar with the potential for collaboration the cloud offers. Want to give a team member permissions to access certain documents or spreadsheets? Share the doc, and you’re good to go.

Enterprise acceleration facilitates digital security, remote work, instant backups, collaboration, sales, virtual training and continued hybrid learning, and growing as a business. It provides your company with all the tools it needs to tap into the digital world.

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Uses Cases for Business Acceleration in the Cloud

Features of Business Acceleration Cloud (BAC) include virtual software environments that are specifically designed for applications like sales enablement, virtual training, and sandboxing in the cloud. Unlike general purpose commodity clouds, BAC environments are purpose-built to speed up complex functions and work in particular industries.

The versatility of the cloud lends itself well to use in business environments. Some of the many use cases major companies have found include:

  • Consumer research. In the past, collecting information on how your clients use your service was mostly informal. Cloud software enables your organization to monitor exactly how users interact with your product. What features do they spend the most time on? What do they seem to have trouble with?
  • Software creation and testing. Developers can customize software packages to specific audiences in the cloud. Whether it’s different regions, age groups, or use cases, the cloud makes market segmentation easier.
  • Validation. Businesses can safely test how well their products are working in controlled environments online now. Obtaining certification is one use case for cloud acceleration.
  • Documentation. Formal training and stable software environments are necessary components of comprehensive software documentation.
  • IT operations. Using virtual environments, IT can ensure training teams and sales engineers have the resources they need from any browser.

Adopt sales acceleration into your business’s operations today, and you’ll soon find even more ways to save resources and build value from it.

The Challenges With Cloud Acceleration

Change is inevitable in business, and there will always be traditionalists decrying it. However, modern companies must take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of cloud technologies to stay competitive. They can mitigate the risks by taking the necessary precautions.

Cloud acceleration can result in shifting staff as certain roles disappear to make room for new ones. Internal technical support may lose ground to additional remote employees, for instance.

Another consideration is getting current employees up to speed on your new software solutions. The key here is education.

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