The ForgeRock Success Story: How to Boost Software Training with LMS & Virtual Labs Integration

By Stephanie Myara - July 27, 2017
2 min read

According to global research firm Technavio, the worldwide corporate e-learning market is expected to reach over USD 31 billion by 2020. Driving this growth is the rise in digitization and the adoption of advanced technologies, such as the cloud, providing reach, agility, and cost-effective scalability.

However, just as the market grows, so do the kinds of training tools available, making it a challenge for organizations to run high quality, lean, and scalable software training programs.

Picking and implementing the right training tools isn’t easy – we know firsthand. That’s why when in a pickle to select technologies that affect our organization’s bottom line, we often turn to industry leaders who are blazing innovative trails and learn from them.

Take Kevin Streater, VP ForgeRock University, at identity management leader ForgeRock, for example. Kevin started ForgeRock’s training organization and helped his company grow into a $100 million organization in less than 6 years.

Kevin kindly joined our webinar with Administrate last week to share his unique story with our followers. He explained how integrating his training sales and delivery, and content development services enabled him to create an effective training machine that can be managed with minimum administrative resources.

As head of ForgeRock University and seasoned international training expert, Kevin has a gift for clear and simple explanations – and he clearly demonstrated that during our webinar.

I invite you to take a few minutes to listen to his rationale for and results from delivering a fully cloud based training portfolio of virtual instructor-led classes, self-paced courses and certification programs – all with minimum administrative needs. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

View the Webinar: LMS and Virtual Training Labs – Good Alone, Spectacular Together

Corporate training programs for employees, customers, and partners have proven to bring real business benefits and revenue growth for ForgeRock, along with other enterprise companies.

Successful virtual training programs:

  • Empower employees to be more effective and productive
  • Encourage customers to use more functionality
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase retention
  • Open new revenue streams through fully trained and accredited partners.

Read our white paper: How to Boost Software Training with LMS and Virtual Labs: The ForgeRock Success Story to learn more about:

  • Why LMS and virtual training labs are mandatory to successful software training
  • How integration of LMS and virtual training software solutions can increase your bottom line
  • Insights into best practices for building a fully automated training ecosystem

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