Sales enablement

Web access to your CloudShare machines


Sep 13, 2011 - < 1 min read

There are several instances you may need to access your CloudShare server from an external browser, without having to remotely log into your machine using RDP or Console access. This is especially useful if you’re showing customers a demo of your Web-based application or the QA team needs to test the Web interface. Well, we’ve had a feature called Web Access, which provides any-time Web access to your machines via a persistent Web address (URL).

Unlike the IP address of the machine which changes when your machine suspends and resumes, and may not be convenient, the URL is persistent, so you can provide to customers or to your sales teams conducting demo or QA teams testing over the Web.

  • The Web access can only be used for HTTP/HTTPS access to your machine, not for other ports or protocols.
  • The system seamlessly auto-resumes suspended environments when a user accesses the environment via the Web.
  • This can be used to access SharePoint and other Web-accessible templates via the Web.
  • This is a special offer – made freely available for a limited time* to ProPlus subscribers. A subscription upgrade may be required in the future.