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Why Personalized Learning Programs Are a MUST for Software Companies


Oct 08, 2021 - 3 min read
Why personalized learning programs are a MUST for software companies

What kind of learner are you? Some people learn through practical exercises. Others depend more on visual representations. Some like to take notes. Everyone has their own way of learning which means that generic, one-to-many training often fails to hit the mark.

And businesses know this.

Research indicates that 80% of Learning and Development professionals believe personalized training should be a priority. As a result, L&D teams are increasingly investing in learning management systems that offer a customized learning experience.

And this means that any software company offering instruction as part of its customer experience strategy must offer personalization.

Here’s what you need to know about customized learning experiences.

What is personalized learning?

Personalized learning is an approach to corporate training which recognizes that individuals have different styles of learning and unique needs. It aims to train people in a way that matches their learning level, speed, and requirements.

We have long known that there are at least seven learning styles to which different individuals respond better. In the education system, this means that schoolteachers now try to plan for different styles of learners in their classes. For instance, a history teacher will include some visual learning with pictures, verbal learning with reading out loud, and social learning with a discussion.

In corporate training, personalized learning involves the same kinds of considerations. The instructor must create a variety of lessons suited to different types of learners, while also corresponding with their learning level and needs.

What are the benefits of personalized corporate training?

Software companies that offer custom learning experiences stand to benefit significantly. Research shows that personalized learning leads to:

  • Increased engagement: 77% of learning and development professionals believe it increases engagement with training.
  • Better use of time: One study found that 93% of respondents felt personalized learning was more efficient when it came to helping workers meet professional goals.
  • Improves performance: The same study revealed that 95% of organizations believe personalized learning improves individual performance.

How to offer customized learning experiences 

The ability to deliver a personalized corporate training experience with your company’s software can really differentiate your solution. Providing more kinds of learning content does represent an upfront investment of time. However, anecdotal evidence suggests it can lead to far higher rates of adoption.

So how can you do it?

  • Produce different content for different users

With a platform like CloudShare, you can generate multiple templates and prerecorded training sessions showing how to use your technology. This means you can create custom learning experiences for different user segments.

Imagine a business that has developed a telecommunication product targeted at emergency agencies such as police departments. Using CloudShare, they could provide prerecorded guides targeted at different employees to show how to use the product. One stream of classes could be created for admin staff, another stream for everyday users, and another for management. This segmentation saves end-users from learning irrelevant information.

  • Hands-on training for kinesthetic learners

For practical learners, there is nothing like hands-on training when learning to use the software. With CloudShare, users can watch the instructor carry out a task then try it out for themselves in an isolated replica of their own personal learning environment, in real-time.


  • Interpersonal learners

Some learners really benefit from speaking with others when learning. Meeting this need is simple in CloudShare.

The platform’s video conferencing features mean that all students can discuss with one another about how to use the technology in their day-to-day jobs.

  • Visual learners

Some people prefer to learn by watching. They really benefit from visual cues such as diagrams, images and videos. With CloudShare, this is simple.

Using its customizable environment, instructors can zoom in on one of the student’s environments, share their screen with the rest of the class, and take control over the student’s environment, all the while teaching by visual example.

  • Solitary learners

Another kind of learner is a solitary learner, who prefers to learn in their own time. Once again, CloudShare supports this fully by letting you provide ready-made environments for self-paced training.

Stand out with personalized corporate training for software

By providing personalized learning programs for your software, you can really make your technology stand out from the crowd. Your customers will have greater confidence that employees will engage with the technology – and that means higher rates of adoption and return on investment.

To see how CloudShare supports personalized corporate training, contact us today for a demo.