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Why You Should Be Using a Cloud LMS for Your Enterprise in 2019

Jeremy Hess

Aug 22, 2019 - 3 min read
Cloud LMS for Your Enterprise

In today’s fast-moving corporate world, getting new employees up to speed as quickly as possible is an endeavor every manager strives to perfect. Learning management systems (or LMS for short) are some of the best tools for doing so, and almost every company uses them.

LMSs are software programs designed to help businesses create lessons, administer courses, and report on employee progress. You might be searching for an LMS program to adopt for your workplace, but have you considered a new solution known as the cloud LMS?

A cloud-based LMS, instead of running on a local machine, runs online for learners and instructors to log into through a web portal. For various reasons we’ll be discussing, millions of organizations from small startups to large enterprises are adopting cloud-based learning tools for their employees.

Why a Cloud-Based Learning Management System?

Many business tools have already switched to the cloud, such as Quickbooks for accounting or Clio for legal affairs. The same principle applies to learning management. But why?

Fast Implementation

The time between your decision to adopt cloud LMS and the moment the training begins is surprisingly short for three main reasons:

  • Many cloud-based training programs come with free trials, allowing you to test the system out to see whether it fits in with your business’s unique needs. Doing so increases your confidence in the program and helps you make your decisions more quickly.
  • Because it’s all online, these learning systems require no hardware or software installation on your side. Your employees can get started within hours.
  • Cloud-based services are incredibly popular nowadays. From Facebook to Google Drive, employees already have experience handling Internet-based applications well before they arrive at your office. Users will adopt the learning system quickly since they’re already familiar with other products like it.

Price Efficiency

As mentioned, specialized hardware and external software aren’t necessary with cloud training. That way, you only pay for the content you use. If you want to expand the lessons to accommodate more employees in the future, doing so is inexpensive since you won’t have to install new workstations.

In the long term, cloud LMS providers can also save you even more by handling maintenance and future upgrades for you.


Employees will love being able to take classes without necessarily being at the office. The content of an online course is accessible from any platform or location with Internet access.

Whether it’s taking lessons at the coffee shop with a smartphone or at home on a laptop, users will enjoy the much-needed flexibility.


Service providers are continually striving to make your LMS integration smooth and hassle-free. So unlike a local system that you have to keep up yourself, cloud-based LMSs come with third-party support to prevent interruptions and downtime.

Are There Any Downsides?

With all these benefits in mind, you may want to know whether there are any downsides before making the switch. In some rare cases, an online solution might not be the best choice just yet.


If your company works in a heavily specialized field and wants a highly-customized learning solution, an in-house option might be a more viable choice. However, think about the additional cost and hassle of managing your own system first. Perhaps a current online LMS already has enough configuration options for your needs.

Reliance on Connectivity

If your organization’s Internet access is slow or prone to interruptions, a local learning system might work in the absence of a reliable connection. Many companies in the tech sector won’t have this issue, and the Internet is quickly becoming a staple for every modern business now.

Are You Ready to Explore LMS Integration for Your Company?

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