Recurring Revenue Conference

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Type: Conference

Place: Culver City, CA, USA


  • 09.11.2023

Every year, over 700 SaaS and subscription leaders convene to discuss and gain insights from a community of dedicated B2B software enthusiasts. The 7th Annual Recurring Revenue Conference is your invitation to join an exclusive gathering of Founders, VCs, Executives, and thought leaders hailing from Northern & Southern California, Utah, Chicago, Austin, New York, and numerous other tech-focused communities. This event is your opportunity to learn, connect, and have a fantastic time with some of the industry’s brightest minds.

The Recurring Revenue Conference stands as the premier SaaS and Cloud Conference in Southern California. This one-day event draws CEOs, CROs, CFOs, CMOs, CCOs, top investors, and Cloud executives.

The 7th Annual Recurring Revenue Conference will set a different tone compared to previous years. In lieu of the booming growth and valuations seen before, the focus for SaaS and subscription companies will be on “lean growth” and “focused retention strategies.”

Learn how the sharpest leaders are adapting and shifting their strategies to thrive in this evolving landscape.