How do you deliver virtual labs for software training?

While a relatively recent invention, online virtual labs are by no surprise becoming standard in the world of business training. Knowing how to deploy them effectively goes a long way to making sure your company stays competitive, no matter what industry it operates in.

The tech industry in particular has embraced the hands-on learning experience that virtual labs enable. Compared to a traditional classroom-based approach, online training offers a completely new degree of accessibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

  • A direct connection with the course materials is possible over the Internet, meaning that participants can access the course at any location at any time with an Internet connection.
  • Instructors can still interact with the users with videos, multimedia, video chats, and even interactive elements.
  • Virtual solutions are much more scalable, allowing growing businesses to accommodate more employees, business partners, and clients.
  • You don’t even have to invest in an on-site IT department for equipment sourcing and maintenance, as several virtual IT lab vendors sell you the service over the cloud.

Organizations in the tech sector understand the importance of hands-on experience over rote memory when it comes to sales training, IT security, and other important tasks. Virtual environments can simulate real-world circumstances to foster better knowledge retention and more understanding of the material.

Use Cases for Virtual Labs

What are some instances where virtual labs in software training work best? Knowing the “when” is just as important as knowing the “how.”

In-House Product Training

Have you adopted a new software tool for your business or perhaps a major update for one you already use? Giving your employees the skills they need to use it properly is imperative to getting the most out of your investment.

Virtual training labs work well for in-house employee training because the online setting means they can interact with the material without negatively impacting their work schedules.

Sales Enablement

When it comes to selling complex software packages and services, the sales team may need assistance getting the message across to potential buyers. Virtual environments give your clients a chance to “test drive” new products before completing the sales cycle.

Expect higher conversion rates when you offer customers online training labs as part of the sales process.

Customer Training

Staff aren’t the only ones who can benefit from virtual training. Clients sometimes need extra knowledge to get the most out of your business’s products and services. The result is higher customer satisfaction rates and fewer support tickets for you.

Because virtual training can run in a web browser, the barrier to entry is much lower, resulting in higher engagement rates.

Making the Switch

Don’t think that picking up virtual environment training needs to be difficult or expensive. CloudShare does all the technical work for you, so you can take advantage of the benefits without dealing with software updates and hardware maintenance.