How does a virtual classroom work?

virtual classroom is a learning environment where students and instructors interact online rather than in person. Lessons are taught using an interactive, Internet-based platform. Virtual classrooms take advantage of voice or video conferencing, multimedia elements, and other digital resources that allow students to work at their own pace and instructors to reach out whenever assistance is needed.
An increasing number of companies are opting to go digital for their employee training sessions. Here’s why:

  • Total accessibility. Instructors can teach, and employees can learn, from anywhere in the world, at any time. Instructors can engage entire classes from a single screen. CloudShare takes this feature a step further with real-time over-the-shoulder monitoring.
  • Multimedia support. Effortlessly create interactive lessons that allow students to learn through experience. CloudShare makes online instruction easy by letting instructors broadcast a student’s virtual machine to the entire class.
  • Quick and intimate feedback. Students enjoy instant access to assessment feedback and one-on-one chats with instructors. Instructors have the freedom to initiate personal chats as well as full class chats.
  • Lower costs. Save on the cost of dedicated hardware and software while remaining fully scalable. CloudShare lets you increase or decrease the number of users with no limits, in mere seconds—and only charges you for what you use.
  • Focus on interactive learning. Virtual classrooms let students explore simulated environments that mimic real-world situations, crafting an impactful learning experience that is far superior to your run-of-the-mill PowerPoint.
  • Complete work privacy. Isolated learning environments for each student ensure teaching integrity while keeping students committed to their own progress.


CloudShare offers one of the most advanced virtual classrooms on the market. Unlock the power of a hands-on virtual training experience by partnering with the leading supplier of virtual training labs environments.
Our feature-rich virtual classrooms take digital learning to another level. Enjoy the following industry-leading capabilities with CloudShare:

  • Effortlessly schedule classes and send customized participant invitations.
  • Create personalized labs for each student with a single click.
  • Supervise in real-time by tuning into live thumbnails of each student’s environment.
  • Assist students directly with zoom-in remote control.
  • Take advantage of a transparent pricing model that never charges for unused infrastructure.
  • Built-in analytics make it simple to analyze class-to-class performance and environment usage.

CloudShare provides students and instructors with the most interactive virtual learning experience available, regardless of class size and environment. Implement hands-on training with exceptional ease and speed using our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms.