What is an alternative or replacement to Oracle Ravello?

Oracle Ravello vs CloudShare

While Ravello had a number of supporters, there are a number of clear advantages that CloudShare has over the EaaS product, making it the best Ravello replacement available.

CloudShare offers a comprehensive training solution

Unlike the Oracle Ravello platform, CloudShare enables users to:

  • Create the exact class experience you want. CloudShare offers Viewer Customization capabilities, including an overview page, resource tab, and an external URL tab.
  • Utilize standbys. We make sure that the environments are ready for each student the moment they log in. There’s no need to spin up environments manually and there is no limit on the size of the class.
  • CloudShare supports many languages so users can experience the class in their native language. This removes language barriers and improves learning effectiveness. CloudShare supports the following languages: English, French, German, pish, Japanese and Chinese.

Lab management, effectiveness, and cost-saving.

CloudShare supports environment suspend and resume, including environment sensing and automatic suspend. This means that:

  1. Users have tight budget controls
  2. No information is lost and all users can continue quickly and safely exactly from where they left off.

Environment Creation

CloudShare has the fastest and most reliable VM import process that can be run right in the UI. We also include all Microsoft licenses built-in with our out-of-the-box Microsoft VM templates.

Multi-cloud support

CloudShare provides an OOTB seamless integration with Azure and GCP, in addition to CloudShare’s own data centers. What does this mean for the user?

  1. CloudShare can support any architecture, no matter how complex it is.
  2. Run effective real-life training classes on the cloud where your product is deployed and practice with real-life scenarios, flows, and tools.
  3. Create hybrid architectures by combining VMs deployed on CloudShare’s data centers alongside VMs that reside on the cloud.

Deep analytics capabilities

CloudShare provides built-in BI analytics and dashboards that allow users to fully track and understand their usage and trends. This not only allows better budget prediction and management, but also helps enterprises easily spot their heaviest users.

All these capabilities make CloudShare the top alternative and replacement to Ravello.