What should be included in a technical sales training program?

A top-performing sales function is a cornerstone of any successful business. For salespeople in software companies, this can involve showcasing the functionality of your product or explaining technical details in a way that is succinct and grabs the attention. And it’s not always an easy feat.

The ability to convert interested customers into paying ones is an essential skill. Technical sales training is a crucial part in enabling this. So, what should be included in a technical sales training program?

4 technical sales training programs MUST-HAVES

1. The product: When your company releases a new software product or service, bring your sales team up to speed. Provide software sales training so teams can proficiently demo the product and explain its features to prospects. Let sales teams try the software for themselves in safe and secure sandboxed environments. By testing it out in this way, they will gain a far greater understanding of the technology. They will also be equipped with all-important first-hand knowledge of how to solve a customer’s problems.

2. The presentation: Great salespeople know how to grab and hold the attention of prospects, and tailor the pitch to their requirements. In other words, it’s quite the skill. Like all things in life, practice makes perfect. But there are ways to help increase the positive impact of your presentation. Guiding prospects through real-world scenarios with hands-on interactive demos is a great way to boost your chances. But it takes practice to get this right too.

3. The value: To make a sale, you need to first understand the prospect’s pain points. This way the sales pitch can focus on how your technology solves your prospect’s unique challenges. Telling a story from the customer’s point of view, by using POC technology and live hands-on demos will move the deal forward. Again, this is something to include in a technical sales training program.

4. The competition: An important but sometimes overlooked aspect of technology sales training is examining what other companies are doing and how your product compares to the competition. What does your technology do that your competitors can’t? Identifying these advantages and then showcasing them compellingly is a strong route to take to getting your sales consistently over the line.

Get the best software sales training technology

The next generation of technical sales training platform is here. These platforms offer a wide range of training capabilities, including:

  • Virtual labs that simulate any environment and can be “spun up” in minutes
  • Modern user experiences with in-app video and seamless integration
  • Hands-on exploration and education for deep learning
  • Fully customizable training experiences for instructors and trainees
  • The ability to scale up immersive and interactive software experiences to an almost unlimited number of users
  • Analytics to track, monitor, and gain insights over user behavior

To learn more about technology sales training, get in touch with the CloudShare team.