Defining Customer Education and Training

Before getting into it, we need to understand what Customer Education is and how to offer training to your clients with virtual labs.

  • What is customer education?: Customer education (CustEd) is an essential part of any organization to help potential buyers become more informed and train clients on using the product through various means. Read more about what it is, what it’s not, and why it matters.
  • What are virtual training labs?: We all know about customer education using self-paced, online training, but many organizations have more complex products that require a live, hands-on training approach. Learn about what virtual training labs are and how they can help effortlessly scale your training.


Modernizing Your Training Program

There’s more to training than just creating content. You need to ensure it hits the right audience with the right message and keeps them engaged.


LMS Integration and Customer Training

We can’t do it all alone. Customer education often starts with an idea and then is implemented with an LMS. But when you need more technical training, virtual labs is there to help.


Upgrading Education and Training in the Cloud

Scale, scale, scale. Customer education and training will never be able to grow properly without being able to utilize the flexibility of the cloud.


Customer Education Now and Beyond

The future is bright for customer education and virtual training. Learn from some top influencers all about where you need to focus to keep up and grow your programs.

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