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9 Practices to Boost Staff Performance with VILT

9 practices to boost staff performance with VILT

The new show in town aims to change the way we deliver corporate virtual training, but can we master VILT to make it an effective method in our organization?

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How to Give a Killer Sales Demo and Knock Your Audience Off their feet

how to give a killer sales demo and knock your audience off their feet

Even if you’re a rock star sales engineer, if you want to knock your audience off their feet you really need to use a sales demo platform that engages them.

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The Cloud Labs Success Kit: A Guide for Trainers

the cloud labs success kit - a guide for trainers

If you’re considering cloud-lab solutions for your training needs, you won’t want to miss this concise cheat sheet we’ve put together for you.

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How to Scale Training, Lower Costs, and Improve Productivity

how to scale training, lower costs, and improve productivity by moving to the cloud

Discover the cost, productivity & student engagement benefits of moving on site classrooms to virtual IT training labs & how to select a Virtual training Lab vendor.

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Test Better with Cloud-Based Testing Environments

test better with cloud-based testing environments

With the CloudShare virtual IT lab platform, development and testing groups are able to create and provision complex environments, on demand.

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Security in the CloudShare Platform

security in the cloudshare platform

Download CloudShare’s security whitepaper to learn more on CloudShare’s multi-layered security model, based on best-of-breed existing security protocols and practices.

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The Virtual Engagement: Selling Technology via the Cloud

the virtual engagement - selling technology via the cloud

Download this whitepaper to learn how CloudShare enables customer-friendly rapid technology software virtual sales demos and POCs in the cloud.

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