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The Cloud Labs Success Kit: A Guide for Trainers

the cloud labs success kit - a guide for trainers

If you’re considering cloud-lab solutions for your training needs, you won’t want to miss this concise cheat sheet we’ve put together for you.

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How to Scale Training, Lower Costs, and Improve Productivity

how to scale training, lower costs, and improve productivity by moving to the cloud

Discover the cost, productivity & student engagement benefits of moving on site classrooms to virtual IT training labs & how to select a Virtual training Lab vendor.

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Test Better with Cloud-Based Testing Environments

test better with cloud-based testing environments

With the CloudShare virtual IT lab platform, development and testing groups are able to create and provision complex environments, on demand.

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Security in the CloudShare Platform

security in the cloudshare platform

Download CloudShare’s security whitepaper to learn more on CloudShare’s multi-layered security model, based on best-of-breed existing security protocols and practices.

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The Virtual Engagement: Selling Technology via the Cloud

the virtual engagement - selling technology via the cloud

Download this whitepaper to learn how CloudShare enables customer-friendly rapid technology software virtual sales demos and POCs in the cloud.

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The End of the Travelling Salesman (and Sales Engineer)

the end of the travelling salesman and sales enginner

Download this free whitepaper and read why you should move on-premise software sales demos to the cloud

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7 Trends that Shape the Future of Online Training


Read this e-book to learn the seven key trends benefiting the early adopters of cloud-powered training.

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