Is your current POC and sales demo solution actually slowing your sales?

Captivate prospects and partners with fully-featured test drives of your software, regardless of complexity.

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Speed up your sales cycle, empower your team, and let more prospects experience your product firsthand – with no hardware to ship, software to install, or IT support required.

Sales demos & PoCs of any duration...anytime, anywhere

Guided sales demos with quick spin-up of ready-to-use environments

Unattended demos on-demand for all your prospects and partners

Self-service POC or ongoing, stop/start evaluations

24X7 persistent POC environment for sales engineers

A sales enablement solution with unrivaled flexibility and control

  • Showcase full product benefits – Get complex networking support that enables real-world scenarios.
  • Reduce costs – Eliminate the need to ship hardware, travel, or install software.
  • Integrate with Salesforce – Increase the productivity of your sales team by letting them send and monitor POCs directly from Salesforce.

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Targeted, Easy-to-Use Features

Invite your prospects to spin up personal copies of your environment with fully-customizable, automatic invitations. Decide exactly how long your demos will remain available using configurable environment policies.

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Environment Viewer Customization

Give your prospects a remarkably productive and effective experience with CloudShare’s Viewer customization options. Provide just the right environment with personalized display and localization settings.

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Powerful Tracking and Insights

Monitor prospect engagement and analyze environment usage with pre-built dashboards and full analytics.

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Streamlined Integration with Salesforce and Other Applications

CloudShare’s Salesforce integration lets your sales team deliver demos and POCs without leaving their comfort zone and having to learn another platform. By increasing accessibility, sales reps can send more POCs and increase productivity. Customize additional workflows with our REST API.

Avi Karnon, Senior Director, Global Support & Cloud Enablement  
With CloudShare, we spin up ready-made templates in minutes. We are able to meet our customers’ needs more efficiently and we’ve cut our troubleshooting time by over 20%.

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