Is your sales demo process actually slowing your sales?

Offer your prospects early hands-on demos, and let your product sell itself. With CloudShare’s one-click demo environments, now there’s no reason to delay.

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Accelerate the sales cycle and boost demo effectiveness when you empower your team with CloudShare’s sales demo solution. Provide your prospects the opportunity to experience your product firsthand – with no hardware to ship, software to install,
or IT support required.

Sales demos & PoCs of any duration... anytime, anywhere

Guided demos with quick spin-up of ready-to-use environments

Unattended demos on-demand for all your prospects and partners

Extended self-service POCs or ongoing, stop/start evaluations

24X7 persistent environments for sales engineers

A sales demo lab solution designed to accelerate your sales:

  • Up in a snap – Build comprehensive, complex, networked environments in minutes with no need for help from IT. A variety of methods for building environments offer unrivaled flexibility and ease-of-use.
  • Any IT resource you could ever need – Unlimited virtualized hardware and software: servers, networking, storage, operating systems, application licenses, and more. And, of course, it’s easy to add your own.
  • Built with your technical sales team in mind – Premium features designed to maximize your team’s productivity – plus available integrations with popular CRMs and the other apps you use each day.

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Environment Viewer Customization

To give your external users the most productive and effective experience possible – whether in a demo or POC environment – CloudShare offers a broad array of Viewer customization options. From configuring the Viewer’s display to leveraging powerful tabs, these easy-to-use capabilities enable you to create just the right environment for your external users.

Advanced tools to manage the demo process from beginning to end

Invite your prospects to spin up personal copies of your environment with fully-customizable, automatic invitations. Decide exactly how long your demos will remain available using configurable environment policies. Monitor the usage and engagement of all your prospects with a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard.

An end-user experience designed to impress your prospects and showcase your product

An internet connection and a web browser are all your prospect needs to access his demo environment. Our intuitive end-user environment viewer provides easy access to connection options and the most frequently-used environment actions. You control the behavior and appearance of the viewer – right down to addingyour own company logo.

The interactivity you need-now and in the future

As competition increases and the demands on your time continue to grow, it’s more important than ever that your systems work together to make youmore productive! CloudShare’s cross-application workflows and REST API give you the powerful tools you need to integrate your sales demo process with Salesforce, other CRMs, and the automation tools you rely on.

Avi Karnon, Senior Director, Global Support & Cloud Enablement  
With CloudShare, we spin up ready-made templates in minutes. We are able to meet our customers’ needs more efficiently and we’ve cut our troubleshooting time by over 20%.

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