Accelerate your sales cycle with the leading all-in-one solution for virtual sales demos and POCs

CloudShare helps software companies deliver complex demos, hands-on engagements and proof of value, replicating real-world environments in minutes, to significantly improve time to market

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Leverage the public cloud to accelerate business growth

Take advantage of the cost and performance benefits of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, without the complexity. CloudShare enables you to automate the setup of virtual IT lab environments on public clouds, at scale, with blazing speed, visibility and control. Learn more

Focus on closing deals, not building environments

With CloudShare, almost anyone can quickly deliver demos and POCs, and gain full visibility and control of your sales funnel

Reduce costs & accelerate your sales cycle

Dramatically lower customer acquisition costs by eliminating the need to ship hardware, travel or install software

Build demos & POCs within minutes

Quickly distribute and spin up fully functioning demos, anywhere in the world, in minutes

Easily replicate real-world solutions

Build complex demo scenarios that accurately simulate the customers infrastructure

Complete IT environment in the cloud

Deploy your software securely in the cloud—where sales personnel and prospects can access it instantly

Maintain all your demos in one location

All sales personnel and prospects have instant access to the same, up-to-date, demos and POCs

Full visibility & control

Track and analyze every opportunity using end-to-end engagement analytics, using data to intelligently raise ROI

Monitor engagement with real-time insights

Gain visibility into critical stages in your sales funnel so your reps can react quickly and effectively

Seamless integration with Salesforce

Send and monitor POCs directly from Salesforce, eliminating the need to learn a new platform

Watch our video walk-through

This video gives a quick introduction to the core features of CloudShare's enterprise pre-sales platform

"Excellent solution for training environments and sandboxes"

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"CloudShare is exactly what I was looking for"
What do you like best?

What's not to like? Everything has been seamless from the POC to now our uses in Production. The platform accomplishes exactly what we needed and has saved me a ton of time...

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"Making training and demos simple"
What do you like best?

What do you like best? The CloudShare platform allows my organization to deliver quality product training with little effort...

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"Using CloudShare for Demos"
What do you like best?

Easy to deploy templated environments for customer demos, training labs, and internal test cases...

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"Stability and flexibility"
What do you like best?

The tool is extremely flexible and has been very reliable. We can create and move environments very easily. The performance is very good internationally...

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