Respond quickly and effectively to every prospect

Dramatically reduce administration costs and speed up funnel responses by deploying your sales demo software where your staff and prospects can access it instantly. Then track every opportunity using end-to-end engagement data — from inception to closing.

Captivate leads and track their progress

Cloudshare PoC dashboard Cloudshare PoC dashboard Cloudshare PoC dashboard Cloudshare PoC dashboard Cloudshare PoC dashboard

Build it once

One person can create a demo template for all sales engineers and reseller partners, and when updated, everyone has access to the latest version. Focus on closing deals, not building environments.


Exceptional experiences

Access from any browser, fast spin-up and a customized viewer make for a high-performance experience giving buyers a real feel for your product. Users can also choose a preferred language, including English, Japanese, French and German.


Personalized invitations

Invite your prospects to spin up personal copies of your environment with fully-customizable, automated invitations.


Salesforce integration

Let your sales team send and monitor POCs directly from Salesforce, eliminating the need to learn a new platform. Greater accessibility means more POCs and increased productivity.


Engagement analytics

Never again wonder if a prospect is trialing your product, how much time they commit to it, or how they engage with various features. Track and analyze the activity of POC participants and instantly identify high and low points of engagement, so you can increase your entire team's ROI.


Show me how

Boost sales funnel with sales & POC demo environments

with full-featured, instant access, turnkey sales enablement

Showcase full product benefits
Reach more prospects
Reduce costs
Gain visibility
Accelerate sales cycles
  • Provide real-world scenarios with your solution -- no matter how complex -- through comprehensive networking support. Centralized environment creation equips everyone with your latest version as soon as it’s out.
  • Quickly distribute and spin up fully functioning demos in minutes - anytime anywhere, with no support from IT.
  • Dramatically lower customer acquisition costs by eliminating the need to ship hardware, travel or install software. Reduce costs even more with configurable environment policies and auto-suspend features.
  • Manage your sales efforts more effectively by closely monitoring POC progress and results with customizable dashboards and actionable analytics.
  • Streamline your sales process from beginning to end with advanced automated features.
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