Deep analytics for all your virtual POCs

Ever wonder if (and when) your sales prospect ran your proof-of-concept software? How about the length of time they engaged with your solution? CloudShare provides these answers and more with user- and machine-level metrics.


Seal the deal with specialized virtual labs

CloudShare sales POC features include the ability to:

  • View day-to-day usage by a prospect to determine their true level of commitment
  • Know exactly when to follow-up with a prospect to close the sale
  • Display metrics on intuitive dashboards with extensive drill-down options for user engagement analytics
  • Control and manage the exact number of POC invites, total amount of usage time, and allocated resources for each virtual POC instance
  • Analyze historical end-user behavior and opportunity outcomes to intelligently raise ROI
  • Use our native Salesforce integration for quick invites, notifications, and followup
  • and much more

Now that you’re familiar with our POC functionalities, check out our sales demo capabilities and self-service trial features.

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