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With CloudShare’s virtual training labs, you can offer every student a realistic, hands-on training environment for your on-premise or SaaS applications - with minimal IT support. Designed especially for L&D success, CloudShare’s training solution brings you an unparalleled set of features and efficiency that others simply can’t match.

Ideal for all your training applications

Instructor-Led Training

Self-Paced Training

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Training labs you and your students deserve:

  • Spin up in a snap – Deliver comprehensive, real-life lab environments in minutes with no need for help from IT.
  • Access unlimited virtual hardware and software – Get access to servers, networking, storage, operating systems, application licenses, and more.
  • Integrate with your key training applications – Quickly integrate with your LMS and other apps you use each day.

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Environment Viewer Customization

Give your external users a remarkably productive and effective experience with CloudShare’s Viewer customization options. From configuring the viewer’s display, language, and supplemental course materials, you can easily create just the right environment for every class.

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Advanced Class Management Features

Save setup time with simple course scheduling, automatic student invitations and other time-saving features to manage your classes with no extra effort.

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Superior User Interface & Experience

Create virtual training experiences that instructors & students love. CloudShare’s intuitive instructor console, classroom chat and over-the-shoulder assistance make the learning process fun and constructive.

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The Interactivity You Need

CloudShare’s cross-application workflows and REST API give you the power to maximize the efficiency of your training team and create a seamless student experience by integrating all your training systems.

Kevin Streater, Director of Global Training  
With CloudShare, we have scaled our business without having to give another thought to the platform we’re running on.

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