Build Your Own Virtual Training Lab Environments in Minutes

Don't waste your time configuring training labs when you could be delivering training.

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With CloudShare’s virtual training lab environment, you can offer every student in every class a realistic hands-on training environment – quickly, painlessly, and with minimal IT support. Designed from the ground up especially for training, CloudShare brings you features and efficiency the others simply can’t match.

Ideal for all your training applications

Instructor-led training

Virtual or self-paced individual training

Post-sales customer training

Technical certification programs

Training labs with all the value you and your students deserve:

  • Up in a snap – Comprehensive, real-life lab environments in minutes with no need for help from IT.
  • Any IT resource you could ever need – Unlimited virtualized hardware and software: servers, networking, storage, operating systems, application licenses, and more.
  • Fully turnkey platform for training – Features designed especially for training. Available integrations with your LMS and the other apps you use each day.

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Environment Viewer Customization

To give your external users the most productive and effective experience possible – whether in class – CloudShare offers a broad array of Viewer customization options. From configuring the Viewer’s display to leveraging powerful tabs, these easy-to-use capabilities enable you to create just the right environment for your external users.

Class management features inside

CloudShare’s training lab solution is more than just training labs! Course scheduling, class rosters, and automatic student invitations are just some of the features that make managing your classes seamless and efficient.

Virtual training features that instructors & students love

Whether across the country or across continents, virtual training classes can be just as beneficial as those conducted in a classroom (or maybe even more!) All it takes is the right tools, and with CloudShare they’re all built-in: an instructor console, classroom chat, over-the-shoulder assistance, and more.

The interactivity you need-now and in the future

As the cloud world and IT training become increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever that your systems work seamlessly together. CloudShare’s cross-application workflows and REST API give you the powerful tools you need to integrate your training labs with your LMS and the productivity tools you rely on.

Kevin Streater, Director of Global Training  
With CloudShare, we have scaled the business without having to give another thought to the platform we’re running on.

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