Provide learning experiences that stick with the most powerful virtual training labs

Create unforgettable classroom experiences with the industry’s most scalable, hands-on training labs. Spins up in seconds and supports all of your training scenarios: small or large classes, any size event, self-paced or real-time virtual instructor-led training.

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Leverage the public cloud to accelerate business growth

Take advantage of the cost and performance benefits of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, without the complexity. CloudShare enables you to automate the setup of virtual IT lab environments on public clouds, at scale, with blazing speed, visibility and control. Learn more

Packed with features, but so easy to use

With CloudShare, almost anyone can deliver engaging, hands-on virtual training experiences, with minimal effort

Super easy & fast to set up

Automatically create ready-made, personal environments for each student, available within seconds with one click from any web browser

Simple & intuitive for students

Our smartly-designed user interface, and superior features, make it easy for student to engage & retain knowledge

Replicates your full real-world SW solution

Easily replicate even the most complex networking, to provide students with realistic scenarios for practice & learning

Easy integration with commodity clouds

Benefit from the strengths and full functionality of both CloudShare & your cloud platform

Easy to (automatically) scale out

Scale the number of users up or down in seconds, with no limits, & pay only for what you use

Rock solid performance & reliability

Enjoy exceptional speed & performance, no matter how many students or environments you have

Fully automated resource management

Auto-suspend & delete features reduce costs by shutting down labs when not in use

Competitive, flexible, per-hour pricing

Enjoy flexible, transparent pricing from only $1 per user hour, with no set-up fees, contracts or licenses

Watch our video walk-through

Watch this 3-minute video to see CloudShare in action, from the point of view of both students and instructors

"Excellent solution for training environments and sandboxes"

CloudShare is rated highly on independent software review site

"Excellent solution for training environments and sandboxes"
What do you like best?

Easy to create template environments. Super easy and fast to roll out training environments…

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"The platform for global IT training providers"
What do you like best?

CloudShare has enabled ForgeRock to develop a global training delivery and content creation business using a single platform…

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"Stability and Flexibility"
What do you like best?

The tool is extremely flexible and has been very reliable. We can create and move environments very easily. The performance is very good internationally…

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"Good Software - Great Team"
What do you like best?

As a long time road warrior (trainer), I love not having to lug around extra equipment on-site and creating a Class is easy…

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