Training without limits

Whatever your mix of training and events, our cloud-based system lets you minimize staff, scale as needed with no limits on class size, and provide immersive, in-depth training to students worldwide.

Exceptional instructor & student experiences with virtual training labs

Our smartly-designed user interface and superior features pave the way for seamless learning without any hassles.

Virtual training labs user interface Virtual training labs user interface Virtual training labs user interface Virtual training labs user interface Virtual training labs user interface Virtual training labs user interface

Fast class setup and access

Automatically create ready-made, personal environments for each student, available within seconds with one click from any web browser.


High performance

No matter how many students or environments you have, CloudShare won’t let you down. Teach with the confidence that proven performance provides.


Customizable environments

An array of options enables you to customize views and add content for a structured, more intuitive student experience. Multiple languages are supported, including English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.


Build it once

Building a new environment is fast and easy and you can save it to reuse anytime. Choose from ready-made templates (with licensing included) or import your own with our Quick VM import feature for VMWare and VirtualBox virtual machines.


Customizable class Invitations

Make sure your classes get off to a smooth and easy start by adding links to prerequisite materials and a connectivity test so students come prepared and time isn’t wasted on connectivity issues.


Feature-rich instructor console

View live thumbnails of each student’s environment, with “over-the-shoulder” access for guided assistance.


Show me how

Learn more about our virtual training labs

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Teach more, tech less

CloudShare automates time-consuming technical details so you can focus on lesson planning, not configuring training labs and provisioning classes.

Highly productive turnkey solution
Cost control
Seamless integration
Easy management
Real-life environments
  • Intuitively designed from the ground up, our superior user interface and specialized features make it easy to use and deliver your content.
  • Auto-suspend and delete features reduce costs by shutting down labs when not in use and removing unnecessary resources.
  • Our robust REST APIs and pre-built Zapier interface make it easy to integrate CloudShare with your LMS and other training tools.
  • Ready-made dashboards and analytics make it easy to understand usage, track costs per class and calculate ROI.
  • Bring your own environment or application to the cloud, no matter how complex. No modification of features or architecture needed.
Configuring training labs

The definitive buyer’s guide for virtual IT training labs

Considering moving to fully virtualized cloud-based training labs? This guide is for you.

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