Psst…wanna know a secret? You can save a TON on instructors and resource costs with interactive, self-paced training

Quickly create hands-on, self-paced courses that virtually run themselves. Whether your students want a tall, venti, or grande helping of your trainings, they can serve themselves wherever and whenever they feel like it.

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Creating a class, inviting students, and leaving them to their own pace of study with the multiple blueprints feature is excellent.

A hands-off way to deliver more effective hands-on experiences

Give your students and customers the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere – while saving your organization time and money.

Create customized, multi-step courses

Build memorable, unique self-paced experiences for learners. Add course overviews, class architecture diagrams, surveys, and more. Guide students seamlessly through flexible, multi-step training programs that ensure greater knowledge retention.

Self-paced training


Streamline your operations

Build reusable blueprints for swift creation of courses, or use the ones you’ve already created for your VILT classes. Automate course tasks from student invites, to tracking work, to gathering information.

Self-paced training

Fast setup

Optimize training performance and costs

Get the in-depth analytics and reporting you need to optimize your self-paced training and resource costs. Save money on live instructors, and set automated policies so you only pay for the lab time you actually use.

Self-paced training

Analytics & reporting


Learners need to be able to practice what they learn, getting hands-on with a real example in a virtual environment.

See how Kaspersky built flexibility into its training programs: on-demand materials for some, virtual instructor-led training for others, and in-person workshops for a particular deep-dive.

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Turn tedious online training into interactive, hands-on experiences that learners love

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Increase product engagement and adoption with hands-on, interactive learning experiences

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